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  1. :D :D :D I sent a private message for you. ;) :P :P :D Tks so much budy ! :) mureta.
  2. Hello BorisGVG, Thank you for helping our friend Aco23! mureta. :D
  3. Hello my friend! Glad you liked it! Unfortunately at the moment I'm out of time. excuse me. But once you have a spare time I can not see it but I guarantee that soon will be alright? Cheers friend. :D
  4. Dear fivegoldstar, Go here and find many cases for its SGN! ;) mureta.
  5. Dear, For those who do not want to use the GPS native (who need paid plan) is the tip. :P Make sure to be a connection! Go to: Application / Store Play / Top Free Apps / CoPilot Works like a charm and it's free! :P Enjoy! :D I hope you enjoyed. ;) mureta.
  6. Big Boris, Sorry the delay in answering you. Yes I agree. The problem was that it had several roms in English that was the reason. ;) Unfortunately I no longer have the Omnia but I lack time at the moment. :( Thank you friend for your compliments. ;) :D mureta.
  7. Hi masriat, This is because the rom you installed. Do it all again with calm, choose another rom and install again. This is due to lack of some files. mureta.
  8. Nikko Great! How's friend? At the moment I do not know, I have no time, but quickly saw I think you can find something on this site. Good to hear from you friend. Big hug. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Gran Nikko! ¿Qué tal amigo? Por el momento no lo sé, no tengo tiempo, pero rápidamente se vio creo que se puede encontrar algo en este sitio. Es bueno saber de ti amigo. Gran abrazo. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% mureta.
  9. Hello Seisman ! Who am I to be Master! Our only Master is our God. But I appreciate your words. Exactly did the same for lack of time and have no more Omnia. And yet it is a very good device and in my opinion does not lack will of each. Even though I do not have how to test and then publish the new rom. But with the kitchens Ock or Yonn new roms you can do as you please. Experience. Thank you. mureta.
  10. Excel Ross, Sorry, did omdroid unfortunately not in English. But thanks for the interest friend mureta.
  11. Fala Rodrigão meu AMIGO ! Tô tranquilo e vc? Continuo com o Blog por causa do meu compromisso com meus seguidores,senão já teria parado,por falta de tempo mesmo. Tô abrindo um site (http://www.muretashop.com.br)de venda de aparelhos celulares,Galaxy Note e o Sii i9100,iPhone 4S...estou somente esperando a propagação do DNS pra ir colocando fotos etc....fiz uma parceria com um fornecedor maneiro e com preços filé ainda. Coloquei até uma foto de propaganda direcionando para o site,mas ainda dá erro por causa dessa propogação... Bom ter notícias suas meu irmão.Tudo de bom. mureta.
  12. Hi Boris, Dude, there may be some conflict. Unfortunately I no longer have the Omnia i900. Could install and see what was happening because when it was installed before running normally. Try uninstalling and re-install again and then a soft-reset. mureta.
  13. No problem buddy, Anything can ask. Cheers mureta.
  14. Boris, Yes you can. Never tried, but I do not have any problem with the resolution, if it were to have another resolution specified in the post title. If you do not get how you just want to uninstall. mureta.
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