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  1. What the Hell? MoDaCo is not a forum where we post Serial Keys, Cracks etc. MoDaCo has his name and is known for its good reputation People like you ruin such a great forum....sorry 4 my bad english, but y'all know what I mean. Don`t u know the Rules of MoDaCo? :) Edit: @Lancez, thx for deleting
  2. Hey guys please don't fight each other Where's the LOVE ??? :P Anyway, here it is...the Glossy Black Theme. Unpack it and u will find the CAB and the extracted files... Gloss_Black_Theme.rar Catch u soon Obi Wan Radd ;)
  3. Hello This is because of high quality Images I use in Gloss Black. If u compress especially PNG files u will have high RAM. I read that gwes.exe is responsible for Images. I will release a new update, date and time unknown yet.
  4. Here are my GTX Iconset, have fun... Obi Wan Radd GTX Icon Collection @Yonn if u want you can add the link to first post... Cheers Norrin :)
  5. In Yonn1981 we trust :) I am also very excited for your result...
  6. Not sure if it is S2U2... MimomaN, you still have my ROM on ? Because u can remove S2U2, go to settings>system> remove program.
  7. change hh_fw_focus_background to another background...don't know exactly which tab...guess it was the Picture Tab or Message Tab? but if u press u will see, I hope you understand me...lol. Change position Weather Icon: I think it was... open HTCHomeSettings.xml Go to <WeatherWidget> and change values to <Property name="IDWEWG_WEATHER_POS" id="17" value="0,70,165,25" /> or how u want it...
  8. Bro, why did u size it in 240x400???? Just for my understanding :) Edit: Ok, just read ur post...now it will work, trust me, coz I fixed ur HTCHomeSettings...don't use .bmp files. Use PNG for ur fullscreen background tab.
  9. Ok..bro fixed ur HTCHomeSettings, tv tab should work now. renamed Orange TV to 2nd Today. Try it & give Obi Wan feedback :) andrew.mazlim.rar
  10. Hey andrew.mazlim u missed something... Need to know what text I have to rename.
  11. Hey bro, give me ur Manila2D.exe.0409.mui and I will rename it for ya. What text u want?
  12. I think I will use 10 MB PagePool Size, the RAM will be Free at 59 MB If u don't like u can change PagePool Size to ur liking...(use EXEcutor) For Example u r using/changing to 6 MB PagePool u will get Free RAM about 62-63 MB. But I think the best choice is 10 MB PP :)
  13. U need to sync ur device...or like the other Cookers always say From Ock's Thread: 1. Go to Settings > Connections > Operator Settings 2. Switch to a different operator from your current operator and press OK. 3. Wait a few seconds for the wait cursor to disappear, and switch back to your original operator again.
  14. @All Which Keyboard do you prefer? Ohh, what about my Black Taskbar above? Or do you want the Standard Look?
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