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  1. Hello Modaco, Just got a new upgrade to this. Installed Handcent, as i like its clean look, but may have to go back to the default message application after this annoying wee bug. On the senstation, i get the message showing in handcent, great, read and widget on dock shows read. Go into the main app places, and messages show its still not read? Any ideas why the default would show message unread when it is read? Thanks.
  2. I am after a good program which allows me to write up job sheets / job times when at customers sites. Now i have standard stationary at the office, which i use when writing out, however i am wanting to go a bit more green and use the mobile phones we have in the office. Windows Mobile 6, HTC Touch, Touch Dual and TyTN2 i believe are the devices in use right now. I am after the software to be able to take a signature in the job sheet if avaliable? Also to be able to email a copy of the sheet/work done to the client also. Does anyone have a solution to this or know of a program which allows me to do this?
  3. Managed to convince the boss to get me a vodaphone sim, now ill use the SPV m600 as my work phone, resort to my SPV c600 as my personal phone. Ill buy a GPS adapter for the m600 and stick tomtom on it. Is that a good idea?
  4. I doubt ill sell it. Im possibly going to get a business sim card, use it as a business phone, but use the SPV c600 as a phone for personal use. Does anyone hate that there isnt a really good Smartphone on the market. Why are networks not providing smartphones, but were happy to do so a year ago?
  5. I didnt really want to take it, they said you need a new phone to start a new contract. Im trying to just get a contract for 12 months, but i want an animal package. I dont wish to sell the phone, i wish Orange to take it back. Ill argue with them and try to get a new animal contract. Orange have really let me down. Why cant they give me a contract without commiting for 18months?
  6. Well, today i took delivery of a new m600 from Orange. Basically i hate the PocketPC. Ive not even bothered to take it out of its plastic wrapper, or even tried to switch it on. Its just not for me, first off its too big, to bulky, and its not what i want it to do. I want a SmartPhone, not a PocketPC. If i wanted a PocketPc i would have taken a work phone from my work. I was really swindled into taking the phone. Pretty much Orange refuse to make the Animal Package a 12 month deal, so im really dischuffed with that. So i guess ill complain some more. I really dont want a new phone, but they refuse to change my current (2 year) contract to an Animal Package without making me take a new phone. I have the SPV C600 and Orange refuse to have any sort SPV smartphone which is relatively small and people dont see my phone and instantly try to rob me. (Which will happen with the SPV m600). Im planning on phoning up Orange tomorrow and getting it taken away. The HTC Prophet just isnt for me. Anyone else feel really let down by Orange recently?
  7. Hello, i reported a fault with my c600. So it is being returned to Orange. Does anyone know of a program or the file where i can copy the texts to back them up. Due to my texts being quite important. Any ideas? Thanks Rctempire
  8. Orange, Orange, Squash. Now for the past two years ive been in a contract, you would expect me to have had two phones, with no problems. Dont think so, in my first year i had a spv c500, i had 5 of these. My second device was a spv m1500, they took 3 MONTHS, yes months to retrieve the phone and allow me to get my latest phone the spv c600. The customer service is shocking, i refuse to phone them now when i have a problem. Its that bad. I hate speaking to them as all i get is fobbed off to the next person to solve my problem and keep going in circles. I just dont say anything now. Im ready to write a letter of complaint and request that my contract is withdrawn as for 500mins anytime, and 500 texts i cant go wrong for £35 (including insurance) but when other things like mms, i might aswell hand my wallet to them. Frankly they refuse to offer you anything good to stay at the network now days. Im even thinking of removing my whole family from orange thats how badly ive been treated. As for these talk plans, so long as they become affordable and actually useful then they may claw customers back.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I do have an SPV C600 with no other devices connected. I am connecting via usb cable i ment to mention that before. I have no installed the latest AS and i still have this problem were i disconnect my device and it doesnt detect it upon me pluging it back in. I still have to reboot. Any suggestions?
  10. Ive got the latest version of AS im sure, the version i have is Build 4358. Now i have no issues with activesync when i connect my phone for the first time after a fresh boot(as in ive restarted my pc and then plugged my device in). Now i can sync everything and no problems there. When i disconnect my phone, say i leave the house for a while, and then return to my pc and plug my phone in. It charges my phone perfectly but activesync doesnt recognise it until i reboot my pc. I DO NOT get the message that the device has not been recongnized incase you were going to suggest that. Does anyone have a fix for this? Its just annoying i have to reboot my pc each time i wish to sync things. Thanks Rctempire.
  11. I installed SmartExplorer on my phone. I did it as i do enjoy the features of SE. But the inbuilt bt from windows is rather poor. It took ages to do anything. Sadly i had to install the SE via the .cab file as the .exe wouldnt install on my computer then on the phone.
  12. Hello modaco users. Im here again to post a wee problem im having with my spv c600. Its no so much a problem, just i cannot find certain things within my phone to where the MMS "canned" text was stored. Now I opened the MMS folder, then open the MMS picture message i want, then i press the right soft key and select Object view. I have in this options the picture then below that a text called "slide1.txt" (If differs between numbers as each .txt number is increased) Now i highlight the text in the list view then press "Save". A new info box appears and says "Canned text saved" It doesnt tell me where its saved to. If i try to resave the "canned" text it appears with "This canned text already exists". Now ive never heard of this "canned text" or what it does. EDIT - I found where this "canned text" is, its stored in My Documents\UAContents\ Now i have many canned texts, and when i open each canned text i can view my contents of it as its a load of text. Is there any way to take out this added text appart from opening the .text from my computer with activsync? Also im wondering what the purpose of this "canned text" is Thanks Rctempire
  13. Phoned Orange today 11-12-05, basically told that they dont know when its going to be released. Wish Orange would get their act together as ive been told these stories: October - Yes being released Late October - No, November release November - No, Late November Late November - Technical Problems with Phone, Release December December - Release this month, but very unsure Today 11-12-05 - Possible after Christmas Release. Im getting very annoyed with orange recently due to all sorts of problems.
  14. I have also just discovered that i cannot transfer any file at all, it seems to be my device is maybe corrupt, but it cant be as ive hard reset my device. So does anyone know the real problem behind this?
  15. It seems to be that my ActiveSync and my phone refuse to actually trade data at all. I can sync like contacts, email, tasts, calender. But i cannot move items from the device back onto my pc at all. This is obvious as my .jpgs wont transfer over at all! It will transfer the folder but not the image itself. This is pretty important that i get the pictures onto my pc as i need it for a project, but im baffeled on why i cannot transfer jpgs to my pc at all. I cannot also transfer any file i put onto the device nor can i transfer any sounds at all. Its very frustration as i drag them onto my pc, and it shows the progress, but the files just dont appear, which is strange. Yes i have uninstalled, reinstalled, downgraded to version 3.7 upgraded to 3.8, still no luck. Any one got any ideas? Thanks Rctempire
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