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  1. After clicking firmware update, a pop screen tell you you cannot use other function. Click OK to it. The trick now is after clicking ok wait abt 1 to 2 second then press in sequence, Ctrl key, then Alt key, then U key then P key. The Test Mode pop up will appear. Doing it too quick and too slow will not work. The funny thing for me is, if Test Mode pop up is ON clicking ok still give JM1. But if Test Mode pop up indicate off under it I can see JPC and clicking ok I can download. That's how I do it. But my phone seem to hv lots of force close. Will try to redo the update again.
  2. Managed to get test mode on. Clicked ok. it still indicate latest version JM1 Hurray!!!! Managed to get test mode off and it indicate JPC. Downloading now. Thank you.
  3. updated kies to v1.5.1.10074_2 but cannot put kies to test mode. after clicking firmware update. new window comes ok, clicked ok, then press in sequence ctrl, alt, u, p cannot launch test mode, it goes straight into update to JM1. Where did I go wrong?
  4. Now managed to change the figures. But cannot get into test mode pressing the 4 button. It still indicate latest version as PDA:JM1 Phone:JM1
  5. What is your Kies version? Mine is v1.5.1.10071.32 It says the device version cannot be updated.
  6. Try to install BusyBix Ver: 1.18.0.git Status Failed..... Your phone is rooted BusyBox not found! The application failed, either because your device is not nand unlocked or we were unable to remount. Help please. Thank you.
  7. Extracted now, there are 2 files: playlogos1 - 1kb userinit.sh - 2kb How do I go abt from here? Thank you for detail instruction.
  8. Dear Portman, I am totally new. You mentioned 2 zip files, but below there is only one "lagfix.zip" copied that into internal sd, then do a 3 buttons flash but it indicate aborted. My device is rooted with samset1.9b. My sd card are not partition. Can you give a thorough instruction for newbie like me. Thank you
  9. Follow up of my I8000. Sent to Service center few days back and they said they replaced the mother board! Since it was just after warranty and I it was the first time sending in for repair, they will not charge. Version receive is JE4. Now playing with I9000! A different kind of animal! Bye
  10. jkgtan

    jm5 out

    I had flashed this JM5 unrooted, it's fine, less lag and less hanging. But cannot run some app being unrooted.
  11. Don't know whether this will help? In Messaging/menu/setting/input mode/ use "unicode" Try and let me know whether it works. I can't even hv Chinese input after flashing JM2
  12. MY I8000 cannot read sim card after flashing JF5, can only make emergency call only. Check sim card which is working on my I9000, put in other people working sim card also cannot. Tried to reflash to other version JE3 & JE1 the problem remain. Got to flashed back to J9 version then get samsung service center one of these day. :(
  13. Need to install some software! I dare not.
  14. Thanks Now realise I had lost my Chinese input after flashing to this ROM :(
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