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  1. Hi Am i doing something wrong. I have a 256mb SanDisk SD Card. My phone sometimes seems to "lose it". It means i cant view any pictures i have taken, my ringtones go back to defaults and i have to regedit to get them back again. Also i cant run any progs i have installed on the SDcard. All of this is sorted out when i reboot the phone but it is damn annoying. Any help?? PS id didnt format the card before i used it should i have??
  2. FINALLY....I DO Finally got someone at singlepoint that knew what they were doing, they enabled mobile web and i am now able to use it for wap,e-mail,messenger and MMS. It all works :shock: :shock: :shock: :) :( 8)
  3. Hi there I have been having some problems over the past few days getting my SPV setup.Mainly GPRS and Messenger. I have a contract with Singlepoint who is my provider for O2. Just wondering if anyone in the same position is having any success?? Thanks Andrew
  4. i had this a few days ago, do you use the automatic Phone lock in settings>security, if so try the number you have to put in to unlock your SPV !!! :)
  5. Think i have to do this before i can get this all working. Will try tomorrow, thanks for your help
  6. i only have mobile.o2.co.uk because you suggested it in the gprs/mms settings post
  7. Any one experiencing this, when i connect via the o2 csd settings i get on fine but when i try to use gprs all i get is "connection failed because messenger did not respond". Thanks for any help
  8. Hi there is there a problem with this skin? When i receive a text an envelope appears over the top left hand corner over the start button. Every thing else seems to be fine. I have to manually click on messages to get it to come up, No automatic screen appears when i get an SMS except the envelope in the top LEFT corner. Thanks for your help
  9. Ok there are loads of posts about o2 GPRS/MMS settings flying around. Can someone answer these questions as it has become very confusing. 1. Can i use gprs to send/receive email & access messenger? 2. If not do i have to use "dial up WAP" to do the above?? 3. What is the point in GPRS if this is the case. 4. Why cant i get out of the O2 portal when i connect using gprs (ie wap.football365.com) 5. Do i need the o2 proxy settings?? I am using the settings listed below. I can send MMS aswell. Thanks for your help Gizmo
  10. gizmoy2k

    MMS on O2 network ?

    I have it working on o2 contract GPRS connects to :internet Access point: wap.o2.co.uk user name:o2wap Password:password Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: MMS settings O2 GPRS IP: Port 9201 mmsc address: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002 Hope this helps. Giz
  11. hi there, i got this working with your settings, thanks i have an contract with o2 but it is through singlepoint, it looks like i have to use the csd settings aswell, the gprs settings dont even appear in the list for connections to the internet. do you have any idea roughly how much it costs to use this?? Thanks again for your help Gizmo
  12. I am using the folowing connections from the post in help and advice: Connection name: O2 Internet Connects to: Internet Access Point: wap.o2.co.uk Username: o2wap Password: password Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP address: Blank i have created two GPRS connections one for internet and the other for wap as described in the same post, I notice there is also a proxy setting for o2 about somewhere aswell do i need this? Thanks for your help
  13. hi there, i have tried all of the settings i can find on this web site, i can connect to wap pages but whenever i try to use messenger or send receive e-mail i just get an error saying, server timed out. I was just wondering if any one has messenger and email working on their SPV using O2 CONTRACT. Thanks Giz
  14. Hi there, I always have a 1 in the top right hand corner next to the battery meter on my phone, i have it unlocked and decerted on O2. Thanks for your help
  15. Cant find the cab file on your link mate, do you know where it is?? EDIT DOh just found it, the like is on top of the graphics which makes it hard to see. Cheers mate

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