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  1. It's not actually megabytes, it megabits. Big difference. Its actually more like 350kb/s or so. I'm not sure of the exact conversion to kb/s from Mbps. Hope that helps. :rolleyes:
  2. Sorry to hear that you are still having problems. Like I said I am using the Raven's BFS 800mv version, and I have no issues at all. Everything works as it should. Not sure why you are still having those issues.
  3. Did you try the BFS or CFS version? I'm just curious. I downloaded the BFS version, and am going to try it out. I'm currently using Gr8gorilla's Nexus-Fireball-1.13GHZ-UV-21MB kernel and the mount/unmount works just fine. The video function still freezes and then reboots the phone, but I'm ok with that since I don't hardly ever record video anyway. I'll try IntersecRaven's kernel and report back. I'm gonna test the 800mv BFS version, and see what happens. EDIT: I just tested intersectRaven's 20100523_13XX-14XX_.34-FroYo 800mv BFS kernel, and video works perfect, and turning on/off usb storage works great too. My only issue is that it is not overclocked. So it's really not an issue, just a personal preference. :rolleyes:
  4. I was able to execute the command and then move the majority of my apps over to SD, then immediately after reboot, and I had NO problems whatsoever. All my widgets worked, my task manager started up no problem, and I did need to configure my keyboard again. It seems not everyone is having the same results. I'm not sure what the deal is. Well, it has been reported several times on XDA that certain apps that are, for lack of better words, protected, will not allow you to move them to SD. If all your apps have the move to SD greyed out, then I'm not really sure. Sorry man. Alright, I will try IntersectRaven's kernel. I'm still not sure what the big difference is between BFS and CFS though. Maybe I'll test them both out and see what kind of difference it makes, if any. I would have preferred an OC kernel, but its OK.
  5. Damn! Someone at XDA reported that the video function still crashes and reboots the phone with Gr8gorilla's kernel. I personally hardly EVER record video, so I'm gonna install it anyway when I get off of work tonight.
  6. If you're away from your computer you can also do it from the Terminal Emulator. That's how I did it. su pm setInstallLocation 2 Make sure you get the capitalization correct as it is case sensitive.
  7. Are you running either one of the kernels that Cyanogen posted on XDA for Froyo? There have been people reporting the video function crashing then rebooting the phone with kernels besides the one Cyanogen posted. The only issue with Cyanogen's kernel is that using the mount USB function works up until you decide to click the unmount button, because at that point, the phone freezes, and basically your only option is to pull the battery. Although, Gr8gorilla did put in his post that his kernel with an update.zip format, Nexus-Fireball-1.13GHZ-UV-21MB, was indeed working. He didn't go into details though about whether or not the video function crashes or not. You can reply to his post or PM him if you like. Maybe he can give a more definite answer.
  8. I concur. Still same multitouch issue here also as expected. Definitely a hardware limitation with this touch screen. The screen still gets the two points mixed up when crossing axis. We were all just hoping that better software would possibly alleviate the issue a little. Other than that, seems to run only slightly smoother than 2.1, even with OC. Oh well. I still LUV my Nexus One!!!!!!! As of right now, I will not trade it for anything! Not even an EVO! Especially not an Incredible! :rolleyes:
  9. Ok.....Now I can confidently confirm that you were right. I have moved all apps to my SD card, with the exception of the ones that are dependent on the android system, such as the ones that have a widget associated with them. It operates flawless for me so far. I am so happy!!!!! I have already rebooted twice just to be extra sure. No problems now. BTW, I did this via the terminal emulator, since someone on XDA suggested it.
  10. This looked promising at first, but you should read about some of the issues from page 5 and on @ XDA that come with using this shell command. Doesn't seem to be worth it. Have you rebooted your phone to confirm that everything is still running perfect without any of the issues stated @ XDA? If so, then maybe I just might try it. But as of right now, all the issues people have reported is keeping me from doing this command. I may just do a nandroid though, and then try this, and obviously if I encounter any issues, I'll just restore.
  11. You are the MAN Paul!!!! I have already downloaded and flashed! The only thing is that I lost root, but fortunately a quick search @ xda, and I found that Cyanogen has posted a file to get root back! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Paul.........All your die hard fans await your return. ;) We can't wait to see what new additions or updates you will give us next. Even though this ROM is obviously not yet near a final version, it has conquered all my needs without falter. I don't care for bluetooth, so no issues there for me. ;) Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation for your hard work, and can't wait to see what you will surprise us with when you get back. Have a safe trip back buddy.
  13. I can't wait for Paul to get back, as do many others! LOL! To be honest, I have yet to try a Cyan ROM. Crazy right? ;) Yeah, I've just been following Paul on his Desire ROM since A1. I would love to see w/ online kitchen! I like being able to add or leave out specific items as I please. ;)
  14. Ah ok. Thanks. That's one less thing to do then. Appreciate the reply.
  15. Just to be sure, are you guys using the ERE27 superboot w/himem? I know that the phone shows build number ERE36B, but it this ROM is built off of ERE27 correct? Just wanna be sure before I do the himem. Thanks.
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