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  1. Market Fix, Market Enable, Market Access or whatever do nothing for Market in MIUI ROM. I not sure what had did in MIUI ROM, it auto add paid app in all country but all price in USA and can't change. Hi, Paul, Maybe you could look on it what MIUI did.
  2. This ROM is cool! and latest version 0.9.24 is pretty stable. No issue so far. :lol: Having FUN with MIUI ROM B) Coolest features of MIUI ROM: FM Radio support for Nexus One. iPhone4 like Folder. Cool Locker with direct access new SMS & Miss call. WiFi, Bluetooth, Rotation, Backlight, GPS, & etc toggle in Notification Bar. New Launcher. iPhone like sub menu. New design Phonebook & SMS app. Galaxy like icon border.
  3. Long time never step in here, I still using JD3. Ha! Ha! Anyway I am not going to flash it anymore, awaiting time to sell of my OMNIA II. He! He! Not sure still got value or not. Hmmm......... ** I do still received some help from PM here, ready sorry to said I nearly 1/2 year not stepping here or do anything to my OMNIA II. I lost on how to do it anymore, sorry for can't help much, I will reply for what I still remember, but not most.
  4. So SAD! seems no more 6.5.3 ROM or newer. Haizz! Maybe is time I sell of this phone. After using Android - Nexus One phone (my another phone) I found more and more WM is crap!
  5. I want your back cover! cool! This is Holiday phone. Holiday phone - not initial release for market, it can be considered a test phone, the person selling you probably working with or related with google. Or maybe just one of the phone reviewer.
  6. Omnia II is a year + old. I believe new ROM is gonna soon gone. Won't be any updates soon.
  7. I am not an iPhone fans (I never interested on all 3 previous model) but I am going to get iPhone 4, I am power user and I believe after jailbreak appear for iPhone 4, it can be as powerful as it is. (I am the 1st generation iPod touch owner.) iPhone 4 is soon going to replacing my current OMNIA II. Off course I will still keeping my Nexus One because I still in love ith Android. HeHe......
  8. You can customize the HTC IME v25 keyboard at below: Kitchen: http://www.gimpsta.com/themer/ Official Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=654179
  9. Yalo, so funny why people doing back to stock just for the OTA? Why? It is waste your time, no point doing this, if you plan doing this, then don't root and try custom rom at 1st stage. Weird thinking.
  10. Wipe everything and install. Wipe is needed if from different ROM to another ROM (example Sense to Froyo)
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