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  1. Hi All, just to let you know I started streaming my linux laptop this morning that was having the same issues as the Vega and it streams fine now!!! I changed the WiFi channel on my router to 11 last night but the streaming still had issues however this morning the laptop streams fine (cant test the vega as it is ready to sell ... need funds for the moment). So long and short is I don't have a clue if it's hardware or software issue! However at all times the iPhone has streamed fine ... so whatever the issue there's a way round it :-)
  2. Well looks like what I wrote could well be wrong wrong wrong :( ... could well be a hardware issue! And therefore possibly not resolved by software driver / buffering ... Going to read the document! Apologies for the unfounded deductions & thanks for the info and link!
  3. Really useful info!! so looks like it's a software issue for sure ... I spose :) I don't know ... but have been playing the iphone while online on my laptop for an hour and not even one glitch! Its gotta be driver / buffer related I reckon. Yes I did think it was a speaker related issue but have ruled that out now as the iPhone is streaming fine! Yep - definitely a real future imo for BT speakers ... brilliant pieces of equipment ;)
  4. Don't reckon Wifi / Bluetooth is incompatible ... have now tested 3 devices streaming via bluetooth to my AE bluetooth speakers: 1) Advent Vega - streaming issues 2) Linux Laptop - streaming issues 3) Applie iPhone - SMOOTH AS ... ROCK SOLID STREAMING!!! And my iPhone is constantly connected to my WiFi hub during the streaming sooo it is obviously possible to get WiFi working with bluetooth fine! I reckon it is some thing to do with the bluetooth device driver OR more likely perhaps some devices (like the iPhone) have some sort of "buffering" system that means the music is always smoothly supplied!?!?
  5. Will email tomorrow and see if I can help!
  6. ... sad news ... changing the WiFi channel seems to make no difference (tried 3 different channels) & Super BT Mono Froyo Free does not seem to cause any smoother play! I did not test by rebooting my router or waiting particularly long after each particular change - its late - will be a bit more thorough and report back (tomorrow) BUT does not look like either option makes a difference at this stage :-/
  7. Hi, Had the same issue - tech_fox came up with a solution in post 29 of one of the threads ... you need to change the "USB mass storage driver" in device manager to "USB storage driver" or something similar! Then the device driver installs correctly (particularly in Win 7). If you cant find the post I'm referring to let me know! Hope this helps. osmildmay
  8. Hi All, Just got hold of an Acoustic Energy Bluetooth Speakers unit that AE are selling cheap on eBay ... great sound! Having a few issues though ... when the Vega is in standby the setup streams & plays beautifully, however when I am using the tablet the music stutters (and I think the speed varies a little)! I have tried a very little bit of streaming from iphone to AE speakers which, on first test, seems to stream fine! I have a hunch that when the wifi connects thats when the issue starts! Any help / ideas / thoughts much appreciated osmildmay
  9. apologies - will check it out Consider this thread closed!
  10. Hi All, Just purchased my Advent Vega and updated it with Paul's custom ROM ... what a great device - quick / responsive and really pleasureable experience using it. I am planning to MOD mine with a 3G SIM card dongle and GPS ... that eventually I would like to incorporate into the casing. My first questions are: - has anyone had success using a USB 3G data dongle with the Vega and if so which dongles worked (and what network did you use out of interest)? - has anyone setup an external GPS on the Vega, I notice it has the GPS option greyed out on the settings menu, and again which GPS did you use? Any help and or responses (positive or negative) much apprecaited. os
  11. tech_fox ... post 29 that you mentioned made all the difference ... after a real struggle - works perfectly - AWESOME & thanks!
  12. Thanks worked a treat!!! Set the COM port to COM 4 and baud rate to 57000 and it worked fine (do not know if I had to set the COM port and baud rate though)
  13. How, How, How do you get the C500 to work via bluetooth with active sync??? Any help much appreciated - have been trying to set this up all afternoon! Thanks
  14. Hi All, Any one got any ideas how to set up vodafone live (ie vodafone's wap pages) using GPRS on the C500. I have tried just about every setting there is including the wap and GPRS settings given to me by vodafone. The best I've had is semi working where it displays the first page of vodafone live Ok but subsequent pages are without pictures and links that go to interactive pages like train times and station look up don't work! Its not a web site fault as I tried my old mobile and it worked fine. For some reason all the settings I try get through to faulty vodafone live pages. I've read all the other posts I can find (which aren't many) - no solutions that I got working. Any help please! osmildmay P.S. Also I can only get the wap pages to work with the APN as internet not with the APN as wap.vodafone.co.uk???
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