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  1. go to [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\ControlPanel\Sounds\CallWaiting] "Sound"="xxxxx.wav" check which file is there. than go to windows folder take xxxxx.wav and using sound editor (for example sony sound forge) increase volume level (20-50%) and put it back. or take you own file edit it like above put in windows folder and change "xxxxx.wav"
  2. Mine did it over WIFI or Activesync worked for me just fine, but everyday searching satilites is faster with xtra data disabled
  3. actualy you can. go to registry hk_loval machine - system - gdi - rotation in key HideOrientationUi change 1 to 0 than open aplication buttons and asign to any button the command - rotate scree (you can see this option after you cange the registry)
  4. by the way, did enybody noticed difference with XTRA on and of (after you get this file)? as for me no difference. even faster without.
  5. can you remap camera-button and volume_up&downd-buttons with new rom? tnx
  6. volume up and down buttons have the same problem. it is not possible to un map them. still looking for the solution
  7. by the way, aebuttonplus allow me to assign to winkey (in my case this is camera) any applications, but then when i press camera-button it lounch application and camera. so i am close to solution. i need to prohibit somehow to lounch camera with this button
  8. yes the standart solutions do not work. may be it is possible to unmap camera through registr or somehow else?
  9. i tryed this test... more less ok. in the buttom when i pressed by stylus, i got point in top of the green square. it is simple to fix it. go to settings and do aligmen, but touch the screen in problem area beside the cross (in my case i touched above the cross 1-2mm) and i agree - best device i tryed
  10. is there way to unmap camera and use this button for something else? i tryed many application like AE Button Plus DoubleLauncher VITO ButtonMapper but they do not let me unmap camera thx
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