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  1. xdalover

    plzz help egypt vodafone

    I strongly recommend you don't publish your IMEI number. Regarding unlocking your device. search a bit here on Modaco or better on Xdadevelopers (http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=572) Best Regards
  2. I'm pleased in present the first TG01 ROM survey, with the goal of going beyond previous polls and knowing better our device and its ROMS Here you have the Survey form: http://TG01survey01.questionpro.com And here you can follow the results: http://questionpro.com/s/1-1066100-1927828 Thread becomes open to your questions, comments and suggestions.. and please participate!
  3. On Xdadevelopers , kevinpwhite has just answered this question: He say here that he has bought this screwdriwer on AMAZON at that it really works!
  4. Any idea? No one has disassembled a TG01 with success yet? ....
  5. Has anybody open the TG01 cover? There are special purple screws called triwing or similar (like the screws used by Nintendo) On Xda dev... an user has tested a triwing screwdriver set bought on Ebay numbers 1, 2 and 3 but they say that they are too big. It would be great if anyone which a screwdriver that suits with this kind of screw could share where find it. Thanks!
  6. Hi Buckcherry, there is a guy from Spain, Arag0n, who has made a ROM in spanish based on WM 6.5.5. I've not tested it yet , but they say that it works very well! See here: http://electronika.vacau.com/foro/viewtopi...p?f=29&t=28 Cordialmente
  7. A curiosity.... I suppose that November5 is using a version not from Toshiba. Can you confirm if the stupid 20% low battery limitation has been removed? Say yes please..... :huh: Thank you!
  8. Well folks, Correct me if I'm wrong but must be that the call + GPS issue was exclusively an Orange problem. So, as here in Spain is Movistar who sells Toshiba TG01, I suppose that this update it's not necessary for Spanish and other non Orange users. Nevertheless, if that's true, I don't understand why they have updated the free Italian Rom as well .... By the way, my Spanish TG 01 has the Radio 5001.0402.72 (for future cockers) (Bought on June 2009) Cheers
  9. Don't worry anbout the SPB backup reliability, It's a exact copy bit to bit. I've restored from a SPB backup copy a lot of times without problems. Cheers
  10. Thank you for share this info. I didn't know these programs. After testing both them, I personally disagree a bit with you and I prefer Nimbuzz. Besides, Fring don't find my Wifi connection! I don't know why...... Anyway both programs does more or less the same and are a roundabout if Skype confirms that WM is death for them. They say that Skype leaves WM due to the poor sound quality compared with Symbian, Android and Iphone and because they want launch video calls in the future and WM can't do it (Symbian does). Who knows? On the other hand, these programs on TG01 have the same problem: The loudspeaker is in the rear side...
  11. It seems that Skype has decided that WM is not the way.... bad news....
  12. Another think that works as well: The original SD cad is (4). Try a faster one (6). I didn't have problems but I've noted an improvement (programs start faster) Best Regars
  13. Wow! That solves the ugly standard Coreplaye aspect. Thanks a lot!
  14. xdalover

    ArcSoft PhotoBase

    The new Resco Photo Viewer (Beta) it's much better than Photobase! Best Regards
  15. xdalover

    ArcSoft PhotoBase

    I agree. No idea . It seems really silly and useless!

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