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  1. Time to say goodbye to my G300. It was cool. So are you people dalyer, smweb, dus40, phyllocrania, kyan31... Ill be of with new Xperia ZR which I got for a bargain of 250e. See you all some other time :)
  2. Do you apply correct theme? It needs to be built for Cm10... Also, after applying you should restart
  3. just put last dload/update.app on sd card and force upgrade with vol+- and pwr
  4. dalyer, i admire you... you are a GOD with these things. they all come here, doing before reading/asking and then they expect someone to take out his magic wand and fix their problems. keep up man...
  5. Just do full wipes in cwm, then flash it like anything else. no need for anything (no gapps etc.)
  6. Sorry, i didnt post instructions. Can't find time. Enter performance control for those stuff and Use lagfree governor, and try medium or agressive minfree settings
  7. Really? You try to use 2 EQ and sound is very bad?! I wonder why... Hmmm
  8. @rhen When you have time, it would be nice to activate /cust partition and to transfer not updateable apk from /system there as it has 76 mb of space. Instructions are here http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=358122&st=4800#entry22089120 I would do it but I'm messing around with repack of b952, and you are pretty active with cm11
  9. Yeah... Thrown CM10 and switched to B952 Unfortunatelly gdrive decided to die Links on OP working again https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=645613418839801&id=500555660012245 There you go
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