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  1. Master Ryrzy, I'm using ROM build 28002, and I'm very happy with it. In my opinion it's the most stable build, so I'd happy to see 28005 build. And if it's possible the new keyboard to be included, the one from the news sites. http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/25/windows...board-in-6-5-3/
  2. Leiz, use favorite hackings, http://winmo.sztupy.hu/favhack.html Is the EzInput included in ----------- Build 23081 --------------? I'm still with ----------- Build 23071 -------------- and I'm very happy with it perfect ROM i just love your work Ryrzy, respect to you!!!?
  3. Hi, Ryrzy, great ROMs, respect bro!!! Two little bugs from me: 1. In titanium homescreen clock icon show alarm on forever. 2. Was unable to save missed call to existing contact with the new call log app. I'm using the ----------- Build 23071 -------------- Lite.
  4. installed dshow manually sector, everything works fine except weather under the clock, same as punkmonkey1984 and gianton
  5. Installation of HTC Dshow 2.0.19182129.WAlien was unsuccessful. Probably this is the whole problem :)
  6. installation unsuccessful using Khuanchai [ROM]Omnia ROM base DXIF1 build 23053 with BT-audio fix (20 September 2009) sector, waiting for the fix :) awsome work boys grateful
  7. Great ROM Sinan: fast, long battery life, no problems so far. Thank you, man!!! Can you remove the Theme Icon also :)
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