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  1. I have encountered this with several different 6.5 ROMS. After I install programs to "My Storage" from a cab stored on my sd card when I do a soft reset the icons are replaced with some generic icon. The programs still work, but there are no longer different icons showing. When I look in the program folder using the file explorer everything still looks OK. Note: This does not happen when installed to main memory. Am I missing something? Is there some way to fix this? Thanks in advance. ~Nick
  2. Device Name: Samsung Omnia i910 Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROM type: Custom ROM
  3. I'd be interested in an OEM 6.5 (as much as possible) .bin ROM as well.
  4. I keep getting a checksum failed error when I try to flash the most recent 3 ROMS after Eboot. Computer is XP with plenty of horsepower. Verizon i910 phone with official VZW/Samsung CF03 update installed. I've tried setting the phone to mass storage and to activesync. No luck. I turned off all connections in activesync on the computer. No luck. Re-installed modem driver. No luck. Many, many restarts. No luck. I was able to flash previously with the updater program and bin files, but am having no luck at all with the .exe installers (even tried a different cooks ROM with the same results). Also strangely my old bin ROM files are now associated with the .exe updater. Am I missing something?
  5. Works fine on VZW, but I need to figure out if I can customize the out-going message. I am about to try the fax feature. Not that I get alot of faxes (OK, none) on my phone, but what the hey!
  6. Does anyone have/know where I can get a straight-up, release version of the 6.5 ROM? I don't need a ton of extra stuff someone else thinks is important, and I don't need everything removed either. Maybe a happy medium? Actually a plain 6.5 with no/very little customizations would be fine. I am currently running someones (can't remember off the top of my head right now) 6.5, but it is an older version. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. OK, I'm sorry for asking this, but I have looked all over and there are so many points of info that it is making my head spin. What do I use to flash the rom? The Verizon updater? How? I have updated my Omnia to the new official rom, but don't recall anyway to change which rom is used in the updater. Is there somewhere that has more specific instructions? I did catch the instructions at the beginning of this thread, but they don't seem to be clear on this (just refers to "updater". Thanks for any help ~Nick
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