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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to add a little to the upconverting question. I used to think that upconverting is not really doing to make the difference untill I experimented with one very old movie with a low resolution. Given the movie was in WMV format to begin with. I converted it to MP4 with native resolution and then to MP4 with increased resolution (don't remember exact numbers), slightly decreased frame rate and the bitrate of 1200. To my surprise the upconverted movie was of a significantly better quality than the original. I have played it using both core and stock media players. I don't usually dig deep into videoformatting; so, I can't explain why it was better but it was.
  2. Hi ray1234, I agree that you might be able to see some difference. I, personally, don't see them but my source files are usually DVDs and I guess my vision is worse than yours; so, they are too subtle for me. However, I guess I didn't make my point quite clear. I am talking about how much you can appreciate those differences even if you can somehow see them. Another point is how many movies can you have. I don't know the entire range of conversion parameters you use but if there are no extremes like 320 audio bitrate etc. than your 800 x 480 MP4 file should be at least 2GB of memory for a 2-hour-long movie. If you use AVI format than even more. Sacrificing just a little bit, you can achieve a much smaller file size (my is usually is 1.1 to 1.5GB for 2 hour long film, using MP4 format). BTW what soft do you use to convert blurays to a mobile format? I know that Format factory can not do it. Can you share please? Is it a freeware or not? Thank you
  3. If you like to save some memory space then you need to convert movies to get a smaller file size. Also guys, let's get real about the resolution craziness. On such a small screen I seriously doubt that anyone can visually appreciate the difference between let say 720 and 480. You'll also save a huge amount of memory down-converting resolution of your video files. Now regarding frame rate. If you use Core Player, you can find there how many frames are dropped during playback. Just convert any movie with the rate of 25 or higher and check it out. From my experience there is no way core player (which is the best in term of playback capabilities and customization when you know what you are doing) and I suspect stock player as well can deal with the frame rate of more than 24. I found that MP4 files are the best combination of quality and file size. I use Format factory for my needs - never let me down. Also about playing video in full screen, there are several ways you can do it. You can either crop files before converting them this option is available in format factory. Or select option stretch to full screen when playing files. I also found that 16:9 is not the best ratio when converting files. I personally use 4:3 and play movies fully stretched to the screen size. The distortion is very insignificant. But if you don't like it you can always watch it in native, which is not that bad too. You probably won't find such software and the reason is that if you do it on your phone directly, you are going to end up with a dead battery in about 10-20 min. Also, O2 is a powerful device but it is still just a smart phone. So even connected to the external power source, it would take you hours if not days to convert a single movie. O2 or any other smart phone hardware is not designed for use to such extent and I don't think that it is going to happen in the nearest future. I would say that battery life is probably the biggest obstacle to it.
  4. Okay, here is the news guy... well at least it is a news for me. Just an hour ago I watched videofile that seems to be from youtube on my Opera 9.5 directly. For those who want to try, here is how I did it. I went to negri electronics website to check what they have to offer. On the very first page there I clicked on details button for dell streak tablet. On the bottom of the details page there is a video of a guy talking about streak. I clicked on play and it did. I have no idea how it is even possible considering that opera does not have the flash support, that's what it is however. The video seems to be a posted from youtube. Sure enough, I went to youtube directly to see if I can watch anything else. Well... no I can't. Can anyone explain it. I am on stock Bell rom. P.S. just rechecked it again. Yes that video played just fine. Guys familliar with internet video formats more than I am, do you know what could it be?
  5. Where did you get the four hour window info? I don't doubt you, I just have never heard of it.
  6. Answered my own question. The combination of the tweaks did not work for me. When I use the registry modifications and the cab from this thread ONLY it work very well. The cold lock is under 45sec and the warm one is almost instantly.
  7. Guys, it works very well on my heavily modified but still not flashed stock Bell ROM. I do have some questions though. Do we need to apply the changes from the post http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...00-i8000-omnia/ or not? Is it going to make things better or worse? Do those tweaks work in combination? Thank you
  8. Hi everyone, Couple of days ago I discovered that for whatever reason I can't install any software on my O2. Even those that are already there I am unable to reinstall. The message is "installation unsuccessful". It pops up almost immediately. I have not been messing with my phone lately (no reg or windows modification). I have enough memory to install things. Soft Reset did not fix things. If anyone knows what could be the cause and how to fix it without HR, can you post it here, please? Thank you. P.S. some info: O2, i8000L GT, 16 GB. Stock BELL Rom
  9. Try to install Advanced configuration tool. There, under Bluetooth make sure you have Audio gateway service enabled and audio gateway power save disabled.
  10. I'd like to recommend one more very useful app that I used to have on my I900. Check out this post http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...autocalllocker/. I had a couple of issues with this app in the beginning but later it was working very well. It is a fair compensation for the absent proximity sensor. P.S. I am not sure that SDK certificate there is the latest (sorry, don't follow I900 threads closely any more).
  11. I would suggest to use any of the autoinstall apps only with the programs that don't require your attention. I mean, don't put on the list anything that softresets device automatically or asks you to do so (custom taskbars for instance). Don't use it for cabs that modify registry as well (intermediate modem driver etc) and don't use it if you might change your mind about the location where you want to install it. I personally don't use autoinstall at all because every custom ROM has its glitches, nothing to worry about even official ones have them; however, you never know at what point one or the other of your favorite apps is going to stop working/malfunction and possibly mess up your device. My examples were a poker game that run beautifully on I900 and first couple of times on my current phone I8000L. After some time it screwed up my O2 so bad that I had to hard reset. Another one was pocket RAR that works on 6.1 and 6.5 but not on 6.5.x. After all it takes on average about 10-15 sec for an app to install. Even if you have 50 apps, it is not going to take much time.
  12. Congrats, you made your first step. Believe me it is an addiction. Every time someone releases a new Rom, it is very tempting to try it. Now, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of apps you will need in case you want to learn your phone better and discover how much it can actually do. No offense to IPhone it is a well crafted device, but when you try to compare functionality of it to the 4 year old i900, it is not a match. Omnia can do so much more, you do have to know how to work it though. First, if you don't know it yet, you will need one of the numerous registry editors available. Pretty much all of them available in cab version, so it is very easy to install them. I personally like Total commander but there are whole bunch of others to your liking. When you have it you will understand what people do to modify registry to get some improvements. Remember it is still windows; so, structure wise it is a lot like PC. Also if you flashed OCK's GTX rom, it is Manila 2.1 based ROM (read on "manila") so if you like to modify UI you will need m2dc software. Also you will need one of the back up softwares, in case you mess up your phone modifying registry. This is just to begin with. Also for you to keep an eye on. If you are getting an out of memory message, check the amount of memory left on your device. It is under setting>system>memory. You might need to soft reset the phone (hold power button for about 3sec to turn it off and then the same way turn it on). Memory issue can also manifest itself in you not being able to receive sms/mms. Keep learning my friend and again good luck.
  13. Hi and Welcome, I'll try to answer your questions, hopefully I got them right. I used to have I900 and used OCK's ROMs before. He is a wonderful cook. Reading through his thread only you will understand a lot about WM, roms, registry etc. The unofficial ROMs are the ones that pople like OCK, STEFF and others created on their own. Those ROMs are their experiments. Omnia i900 has never been officially updated to wm6.5. All the 6.5 roms are custom and simply use the wm6.5 or one of the 6.5.x as a base. All necessary changes are usually made by cooks and other developers. If I were you, I would not try to make your own ROM just yet, but it does not hurt to read. Several guides and kitchens are available on modaco. OCK definitely released his kitchen and wrote a beautiful guide. By the way, searching for answers, use GOOGLE, you will find that modaco is not the only forum and others have a lot to offer. Also make sure that when you flashing a ROM you follow the procedure step by step; otherwise, you might brick (brake) your phone. The procedure written by another member - Sector is also available here. If you can't find it then google it and you will. Now regarding 6.1 vs 6.5/6.5.x. WM 6.1 was not a bad OS and more importantly having it you will avoid a problem that exist pretty much on all 6.5/6.5.x Roms - memory management issue (when os does not let you run more than a couple programs at a time). Windows 6.5 is is the last official mobile platform released by Microsoft. 6.5.x are all that nave not been released to public but available for developers. They are more finger friendly than 6.1 or 6.5 but some third party apps will not run on them properly. When you looking on screen shots, if you see the "START" button on the bottom, it means the ROM is 6.5.x if it is on top it is 6.1 or 6.5. There are some other visual differences. Usually, cooks mention the ROM's version number. Now regarding the apps, when you flash a new ROM, you completely remove one set of data (os, ui, apps etc) and put in another set. The process is not reversible unless you flash another ROM; so, think before you do. You can find some samsung apps here in the cab version (i.e . just transfer to your phone and install them). However, unless you decided to use ultra-light (stripped) ROM, you most likely won't need them. The OCK's premium is pretty much complete ROM with all the bells and whistles. Good luck in your learning.
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