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  1. Can someone please give me a file hosting site that won't delete uploads immediately?
  2. I can help with that! Daskalos MEGAlitEX 23152: http://depositfiles.com/files/k0wfw161s Daskalos MX Applications: http://depositfiles.com/files/5be828div Apps Update 1: http://depositfiles.com/files/2cn696lqe And a sweet extra bonus, Experiment 36 (extra fast and bare bones WM 6.1): http://depositfiles.com/files/nqzoroyfu Kind regards.
  3. Hi. By accident I lost those two components visible on the picture below. I took that part of the picture from the tear down pictures. It's just above the USB connector. Because of the missing components the phone is charging only when off and never charges fully. Would anyone be so kind and help me to identify the missing components so I can buy and solder them? I like my B7610 ALOT and would like to continue using it.
  4. Let me join this fun tech parade =) In my *european handbag* there's : * B7610 with 8GB microSD card * Sandisk Sansa Clip mp3 player * Visang R02 in-ear headphones <3 * 8GB microSD + USB reader * miniSD & SD adapter * my old faithful SE K750 and inside my dusty jacket: * micro & mini USB cables * 7'' tablet based on S3C6410 cpu (the same as B7610) also sometimes on the road: Thinkpad X60s Asus P535 X220 10'' tablet
  5. Although I've had some bad times with this rom I'm really satisfied. It's been rock stable now for at least 20 days and the battery life is also superb. Samsung apps are working, there's no memory leak and it's not misbehaving in any way. sakisds really did a nice job. Now if only you'd fix those things I've recommended in my previous post and also remove Samsung dialer because it's junk we'd be looking at a mighty fine 6.1 rom. Even if you don't release another version thnx for your effort. There are people using it, don't worry :D
  6. I was playing today with AE Button. While checking codes of an individual button I managed to get the "? " ~" characters to appear finally. It's actually kinda strange. You've got to press alt + (up, down or left) at the same time (together) without delay and the character will appear. I cannot resolve at the moment is this problem associated with csc (most probably) or the way windows handles those specific keys.
  7. @sakisds I was pretty shocked when i first installed your light_v2 rom. Everything was unreadable and the only other theme was bling-green, font was italic. Suggestions: Setup a black theme as default. Samsung Settings, Totalcmd shortcuts in "Programs" are missing, make them. Remove first boot wizard, it's annoying. I think that rom should be a working out-of-box experience. I'll report rom stability, battery life, memory management and everything else I notice in the following days. Kind regards.
  8. Bye Thunder141, thnx for all the hard work you've done for this minimalistic community. Hope you'll have a nice time with your new pet =)
  9. Bumping this great thread by m0o5. Definitely worth sticking-up! Kind regards.
  10. @y17dt - what version of S3Clock are you using? I'm having issues with V1.1 because 'hide' doesn't do what it's supposed. Program creator said that he'll eventually fix that, 4 months ago. Although I discovered that exiting S3Clock instead of hiding doesn't charge benchamark results at all. SKTools: Integer: ~576000 @ 900Mhz Float: ~65000 @ 900Mhz I also modified existing mortscript and ran at startup FPU Enabler twice, than ran S3Clock, and killed it right away. Kind regards. *notice: I'm using OmniaPro B7610 and WM6.1 build 21056.
  11. @Thunder141: What's the build of B7610BUIH3? Couldn't you take for example daskalos experiment 36 rom and fine tweak it further? (with his approval of course) I'm finding his rom pretty stable and fast with ~115MB free on boot but it needs lots of fine tuning to make it usable out-of-box. Kind regards.
  12. Before buying B7610 I had SE Xperia X1. I tried lots of roms on it, but stuck with wm6.1 in the end. I never really figured why people so desperately try to run memory-cpu-gpu intensive front ends on devices they were never meant to be run on. The last X1 rom I flashed took 34MB of ram on boot, and had ~165MB free. It was blazing fast, and a real joy to work on. Too bad for the small screen. I also have Asus P535 with wm6.1 on it. It eats 19MB of ram on boot. It's also killing fast. My point is: B7610 is cpu/hardware wise much faster than the aforementioned , but when I load wm6.5+ rom it behaves sluggish, eats lots of ram, lags and it's not really joy to work on. Even overclocking to 900Mhz doesn't help to save the day. I need B7610 to behave like a capable micro-pc. I want opera, putty, total commander, network shares and all the other tools that mean something to me to work FINE on 900Mhz. I guess it simply depends on what you need and want from a mobile phone. I want a small PC, and not a mobile phone actually. 6.1 is for me A++.
  13. @Thunder141: I flashed your rom but my keyboard issue is still present. I seems I'll have to look for the solution elsewhere. @everyone: Thnx for your suggestions.
  14. @Arcobaleno - do you have the same keyboard layout like me? I tried flashing XEN csc but the the "? " ~" symbols located on the "up down left" keys aren't reacting at all and instead the > symbol I get ]. @reopru5 - what csc are you using to get the hardware keyboard to work correctly? Kind regards.
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