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  1. Snowman119

    root the x10 mini ??????

    I use Universal Androot v1.6.1 to root my X10 mini by 1 click~~~~ :P
  2. Same with you, auto restart at about 80%, and device space unchange.
  3. I also cannot install by the cab. the cab need to install by JD6? My ROM is JD3
  4. Snowman119

    I8000NXXJD1 LITE 20100410

    Just flash the 4MB PP version, but it hang 2 times after reset....... So, flash back to 8MB version.....
  5. I am one of the people, who no way back to standard WM 6.5~~~~~~~~ ;) I love 6.5.3/6.5.5~~~~~~ ;)
  6. No Exchange Mail? That's mean cannot use gmail push mail? ;)
  7. Today, I run the FPU Enabler because I want to overclock the CPU by S3Clock to 900Mhz. After that, I find that my free memory increase about 10MB!!! Anyone know why??? Surprise!!!!
  8. Notes內的已經可以看到中文, 但電話簿內的中文還是口口口 P.S.: 原來重新開機後就行了......
  9. Yes! Right!!! Just a minor issue~~~~~~ It's still a great rom! :D
  10. The ROM is great~~~~~~ :D I like most of the remain Samsung program!!!!! But I get a "Internet Explorer cannot download blank" error message on my each open the IE. ;)
  11. Snowman119

    Alarm in JA5

    Change the ringtone and then it will work!
  12. I can use the Market Place which download from Microsoft!
  13. Flash new ROM today, thanks Khuanchai~~~~ :) But I found that it hang every time after I open the e-mail Outlook, the interface can move, but cannot use. I can only power off & on to reset. Any other peoples have the same problem? If no, I will try to hard reset.

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