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  1. I use Universal Androot v1.6.1 to root my X10 mini by 1 click~~~~ :P
  2. Same with you, auto restart at about 80%, and device space unchange.
  3. I also cannot install by the cab. the cab need to install by JD6? My ROM is JD3
  4. Just flash the 4MB PP version, but it hang 2 times after reset....... So, flash back to 8MB version.....
  5. I am one of the people, who no way back to standard WM 6.5~~~~~~~~ ;) I love 6.5.3/6.5.5~~~~~~ ;)
  6. Today, I run the FPU Enabler because I want to overclock the CPU by S3Clock to 900Mhz. After that, I find that my free memory increase about 10MB!!! Anyone know why??? Surprise!!!!
  7. Notes內的已經可以看到中文, 但電話簿內的中文還是口口口 P.S.: 原來重新開機後就行了......
  8. The ROM is great~~~~~~ :D I like most of the remain Samsung program!!!!! But I get a "Internet Explorer cannot download blank" error message on my each open the IE. ;)
  9. Change the ringtone and then it will work!
  10. Flash new ROM today, thanks Khuanchai~~~~ :) But I found that it hang every time after I open the e-mail Outlook, the interface can move, but cannot use. I can only power off & on to reset. Any other peoples have the same problem? If no, I will try to hard reset.
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