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  1. you wont lose any of you files. =D, remember you have to tick it.
  2. My phone look so sexy with this new locksreen. I will write down a how-to and what you need to get this. Basically you need Widgetlocker Screenshot:
  3. Only flash the phone part. And remember to tick Preserve device's contents. =DD
  4. well, im not sure if this is possible for our omnia but if it could. i think i would be awesome. But i never expect much, our android is already good enough =D
  5. Okay guys, i was wondering if is it possible to install HTC Sense on our android.. cause i've seen WVGA devices doing it. if you guys have any source for HTC Sense WVGA for android.. please share it here. can or cannot i don't know yet. Maybe we can try something out of our own sweat.
  6. :D)--> QUOTE(lol = :D @ May 29 2011, 23:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This is a hobby of the DEVS! It ain't their job so they don't need to keep on updating it :o . As they say 'It'll be done when it's done" :( what i think is all of us have to wait. Just wait i'm sure the dev have something good for us. Just dont let ur guts down. I'm sure they have something in mind of us. Its like a surprise. The longer we wait the better android is and dev can't always keep up with the demands that we want. CHEERS TO DEVS!
  7. Guys, what is wakeup request invalid idle [does this has to do with graphic driver?]
  8. Camera Quality Are Okay. I do know dev are working on it. But it looks good.
  9. Well, one thing that i notice. When the battery goes to 98 - 99% then the status bar clock updates. It will maintain that way when it's fully charged.
  10. Guys sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy at work. =) I Will update soon. Peace.
  11. Well if you are doing an update... this is what i normally do with o2b3update.tar.gz. I extract the file, put it in a folder... connect my omnia 2 on ubuntu as a storage device [My Storage]. I run terminal and type in sudo nautilus. it will ask for password, so type your password in. A window will pop up giving u full access to i think everything.... now click on disk_ & copy the file i have extracted to the directory that i want it to be in and run haret on omnia 2. Well it takes a lot of time, but it saves me the trouble..
  12. Hehe, i do know what you guys want. A mixture of different colors. I remember telling you guys i'll get a nice theme that suits everyone. anyway thanks for the feedbacks... Problematika: explain to me what you mean by black notification bar or take a photo of it and ill try to see what i can do. =D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a small update: added a minimal theme icon for the top bar... i think it look slick... but i will improvise.. =D For those who are lazy to read post. Please refer to page 1 under NEWS. Hehe, it will buy you sometime instead of asking questions. I will update techniques soon. Cause Froyo seems to jumble up things. =D problematika & tjeerdos are currently my testers: [They are nominated by me] Every latest updates or new themes to test. They will be the first one to try it. But in the mean time the rest of you can use the Froyo Black Theme 1.0 Alpha & Please return feedbacks.
  13. no problem lol. Err it should not have standard colors... it should change to white. maybe i did something wrong.. ill see what i can do. I've been waiting for feedbacks... seems like after many have download only you came back.. ill see what i can do for you.
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