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  1. TeslaLED isn't working for me. The widget doesnt turn the LED on, and in the app the only ones that work are the strobe (flashes 4 times, pause, then flashes 4 times and repeat) and the one where you press to activate. Did i miss something in the options or something?
  2. Going to reflash with another bake. I was using one a couple of fixes ago (but still ir9)... lets see what happens!
  3. GPS isn't working :/ When i turn it on, the icon doesnt appear at the top. Also Co-pilot reports a 'GPS Error' and exits
  4. Its weird, sometimes the OS notices the apk changed and regenerates the cache for that apk, other times it doesn't. I never did figure out what exactly triggers it. Wiping the cache is the only sure fire way I know of.
  5. kam187

    Puzzle Blocks my first android Game. Please try it!

    I guess you copied my post about walkabout because you didn't change the links properly :P They both point to: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.base2.walkaboutdemo
  6. Shouldn't you wipe davlik cache after you manually replace the apk file? Also delete camera data before launching it the first time.
  7. kam187


    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know the full version of Walkabout is now FREE on GetJar for a limited time. Go grab it now! No registration or personal info needs to be entered, there's no ads or any other funny business, just point your phone/tablet here: http://getjar.com/Walkabout In case you don't know about GetJar, its one of the oldest app stores, and the biggest free app store in the world. They're offering select apps for free. There's some very big names there too ilke Gamelion (Doodle Fit), Konami’s (Krazy Kart Racing), Imperio, Handy Games ‘Guns ‘n’ Glory, Herocraft’s ‘Farm Frenzy’ and TouchType’s ‘SwiftKey X’. http://www.getjar.co...ogram-explodes/ From a developer perspective they pay me a small amount per download. So please go check it out, its free for you, and every download generates me a small amount of money to work on my next indie game (even if you don't like it and uninstall it!) :) Kam PS. ignore the '0 downloads' stats there, it only just came out and those stats won't update till tomorrow!
  8. Hmm it works for iOS because everyone essentially runs 'stock' and the level of patches are pretty limited. Also since you can't build and modify iOS from source its the only option. For Android it could work for stock images, but for custom builds you may not always be able to find the place to patch automatically. I guess you could do a smalli patch or something, but considering how many roms there are, and how much easier it is for the maker to just do it, i don't know if anyone would bother maintaining the patch list. Look at TrakBall Alert for example. It uses smalli patches and it doesn't recognise a lot of roms. It warns applying to patch anyway could cause a bootloop (crash). That's pretty much the same situation you'd end up in.
  9. Using the Modaco UV only kernel - the OC ones makes my nexus lag (issue with some nexus's at 1.4Ghz). Anyway I don't think OC is even needed right now. Maybe in 6 to 8 months are apps and the OS start to use more resources. I'm using the Voltage settings in Set CPU that are on the last page in another users post. The ones in my post are the stock ones! Also fwiw i'm using the KK6 radio as i'm in Europe (UK). The KL1 is probably more suited for North America.
  10. Default: 1400MHz:----mV1200MHz:1380mV920MHz:1317mV700MHz:1203mV350MHz:1025mV
  11. Does the UV kernel have preset UV values or do I need to set some in setCPU? If so, any recommended values?
  12. kam187

    Cheapest place to buy in the UK

    I think the point is you keep the sim as a spare or throw it away :P - Its cheaper this way than buying it offline.
  13. kam187

    nevbie quistion

    Yes its the GSM version. The CDMA version is only available in the USA from Verizon. Stock roms are odexed. If you look on xda-developers you can find versions of the stock rom that have been deodexed.. or you can install a custom rom like the MCR one from here.

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