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  1. I don't get it Cyda :-D My toggles after R4 update look like the old one from huawei from the screenshot I posted. I don't want CM toggles, but this ones from huawei from screenshot. But why I don't have CM toggles but huawei ones?? I didn't flash anything else..
  2. What CM toggles? In R3, there was some ugly toggles I never saw before..but in R4, there is original toggles from huawei (B937F, B952), same as this one: http://s17.postimage.org/pmicq4ntb/Screenshot_2012_09_28_00_52_20.png It is not customizable and much better than in R3. What means CM on this huawei toggles?
  3. I noticed that emoticons in SMS & MMS app are quite ugly and even incorrect. Check : - ) and : - D emoticons, I think they are reversed. Here is my custom Mms.apk (from B952), with emoticons from GO SMS PRO. Just replace the apk in ROM zip or push it with adb. APK: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing Screenshot:
  4. I used Beats Audio and it is nothing more than cheap equalizer. Plus it consumes system resources.
  5. Please no Beats Audio. It's killing music.
  6. I have wifi on all day, 3G on, GPS on, BT off, 400 SMS per day, some surfing and apps, no games. Now my G300 is running for 18 hours and battery is on 52% :-)
  7. Hi Cyda, great work! But where is the original topic? At certain moment I couldn't find your profile neither.
  8. maTTewCZ

    How to unroot?

    And this is it? It works?
  9. Hi, I searched topics and stuff, but there is no ultimate answer. I rooted my G300 with this tutorial (http://huaweig300.com/how-to-root-the-huawei-g300/) and now I want it to unroot. How?
  10. Adreno drivers are for acceleration the UI, not for HW decoding. We need OpenMAX drivers..
  11. Guys please, stop asking for YouTube HQ! tilal is a magician, but some things are outside his powers. There are no OpenMax drivers for armv6 & ICS.
  12. because of missing qcom drivers...thats why youtube hq and video playback is not working. stop reporting..until there will be new drivers, theres nothing we can do about it.

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