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  1. I've hit a couple of problems with this program, and wondered if others could help? I own an HTC Hurricane (badged up as Orange C550, app and SIM unlocked). It has been flashed to WM6.1 (selang09's). When I use the program in this thread to try and QVGAify Worms World Party, no changes are apparent. If I use the scale variant, I get the following on my screen. I read through the thread, and attempted to download the C550 version of the app, however the Russian forum linked to presents me with a message that apparently states a 404... "The thanks to all, who help to develop resource. File is not found Hosting along the system everything is switch oned for 129 rub. in mo. Windows or Unix, free domain ru, MSSQL, mySQL…" Can anyone help me out by attaching the C550 version, OR because mine no longer has 2003SE on it, but 6.1, should I be looking for something else? Finally, I realise this thread is old, but to Barabbas - my Worms World Party (retail) doesn't install to the root, but to \program files\worms world party (or something like that), I attempted a fresh install, and also moved the WWP files to the path you suggested, but still get exact same problems as above.
  2. Any chance you could post a link to the util you used to achieve this? I'm more interested in underclocking it TBH, I'd like to prolong the battery life a little. Thanks...
  3. When you are finished with TomTom, are you pressing the home button by any chance? Goto task manager, (I've set a speed dial on mine), highlight TomTom app, and close it, if normal exiting from the program leaves it in memory. Not sure if it will sort you out, but if TomTom was still working in the background, when you didn't need it, and Bluetooth activity was involved, I can see how that might drain the battery very quickly. Sorry if it doesn't help, but worth a shot...
  4. thanks for posting back the answer, others who one day have a similair query will now discover the solution. Assuming they remember to search in the 1st place :>
  5. Not sure if it will help, but looking at it from the other end of things, there is the notification queue system on the Smartphone side of things. Does anyone know if you can initiate a PC program to be run from the phone? If so, that might be your best angle of attack, as each time you synced, it would trigger an event. If no-one can help here at Modaco, http://www.tutorialsall.com/POCKETPC/Notification-queue/ might be a good place to start, assuming your happy coding, which you seem to be :> I know its for PPC, but if you'll be using .NET, it should apply to smartphones as well? Apologies if this turns out to be a red herring, but worth checking out... [edit] Also http://www.pocketpcthoughts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36471 mentions http://www.phatware.com/hpcdbex.html as an app to edit the notification queue, don't know if its PPC only or not
  6. sounds like the templates you get in some messaging programs. I've seen something like that on mine. They are normally customizable, and exist to stop you from having to type in commonly used phrases over and over.... It could be from... Agile Messenger MeetingPoint Smurf (don't think so) Another Bluetooth/Net based messenging program. Don't think its anything to worry about. Unless anyone else can confirm different?
  7. Hold down the volume down button (see badly highlighted area of piccy below...), wait for the little beep, say your voice tag, and all should be well...
  8. Does anyone know if there is a reg entry section for MIME types for Internet Explorer? (sort of equivalent of file types in explorer on a PC/s_phone)
  9. you'll be likely to get a 'not on this forum' warning about that discussion. May I suggest an alternative wording, to prevent any 'mis-undersatnding' of the legal status of your wishes? Something like "does anyone know of a legal alternative, please do PM me with ANY info whatsoever. Private message content is not read by everyone, so you may find yourself less restricted in the scope of your discussion... [edit] To save posting a similair thread, if anyone EVER hears of any Kazakhstan GPS maps, for any of the software available, please, please, please do let me know. (begrudgingly willing ;> to pay if no public domain data exists )
  10. To save modaco a little bandwidth, and for those of you still on dial up, here is his screenshot as a JPG... Thanks for the info btw...
  11. Currently installed, I have 1941 Frozen Front, 1944, 2X2, AA Invasion, DragonFury & Monsterland (ACO), Air Command Alpha Blaster, Alapha Wing, B-Man (scaled down bomber man), Beach Rally, Bomb, Summer Games 2004, The Italian Job, Tomb Raider1 & YetiSports Part 2 I'll try and play through them tomorrow at work, so far, I've only really checked that they load and don't appear 'courrpted' due to screen res changes. I think at least 2 manage to use full res!
  12. PS Forget plugging anything into the USB slot on the phone, its got no host controller chip, so its only a slave device. Not sure I have the terminology correct, but basically you can plug the phone into something like a PC, or just a charger, but anything that requires controlling won't work.
  13. This search leads to post, 2nd down never heard of .app before, sorry [edit]Corrected URL [edit2]Meant to say, you can copy the cab files to anywhere on your smartphone, but if not the start mnenu, just fire up file explorer and go to where you dumped it...
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