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  1. I have a T-mobile MDA, Ive notice that my ringers often sound ... wrong. At the same time any other sound the phone would be making (text messages, alarms, etc.) also sound wrong. Its like they are playing too fast or something. Reseting the phone fixes the problem for a while, so its not a speaker problem. Has anyone else had this problem? PS My Smp 5600 (c55) use to have simular problems, except the sounds would sound more bassy, or louder.
  2. No, not a sim unlock. My phone wouldnt let me install third party software for some reason, so i assumed it was because of a application lock on the phone. I know smartphones some times are application locked, so i assumed it was the same thing.
  3. Is there a way to applciation unlock my T-mobile MDA for free?
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but im VERY new to PPC. I recently got a T-mobile MDA (K-jam). It's a bit different than using the audiovox 5600 (c500) i use to own. Anyways, lemme get to the point. How the hell do i set specific volumes for different sounds. I want change the loudness for my Alarm, ringtone, message, keyclicks... etc. Is there a program that will let me change all these indepently? Thanks for any help.
  5. TMOBILE INTERNET AND MMS SETTINGS First make GPRS’s connects as followed: (I actually don’t know if you need them both, but I know it works) Description: T- Mobile MMS connects to: Secure WAP network Acess point: wap.voicestream.com user name: (BLANK) password: (BLANK) Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP address: (BLANK) Description: GPRS Connects to: The Internet Access point: wap.voicestream.com user name: (BLANK) password: (BLANK) Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP address: (BLANK) Proxy Connections: Description: Proxy Connects from: The Internet Connects to: WAP Network Proxy (name:port): Type: HTTP My Data connections looks like this now: Internet connections: Automatic Work Connections: Automatic WAP connections: Automatic Secure WAP connection: GPRS (T-Mobile MMS) Now for MMS Configurations: Retrieve immediately: Checked no of attempts 3 Connect Via: Secure WAP Network photo res: Original MMSC Settings: Name: T-Mobile MMS MMSC URL: WAP Gateway: Port 9201 Max sending size 300k. (I'm sure u can set this to whatever you want) Internet explorer set to: WAP network Automatic: not checked
  6. Ur a bit on the crazy side, that keyboard plugs into the bottom of the phone/PDA. Its not bluetooth. I use to have one. :-D
  7. dial a call as normal, once it says connecting, or is connected just hold down the talk (green) button until it turns on.
  8. tite.... Finally got my bluetooth working correctly. Great FAQ. works nearly exactly the same for my SMT 5600. Just dont select the phones incoming and outgoing ports.
  9. I do that now, but I'd love for my messages to tone a bit longer, sometimes i dont here them.
  10. How come wm2003 isnt smart enought to stop playing the ringtone after you are reading it, or after you hit a button or something. Personally i think this is pretty annoying. Is there a regedit or something i can do to change this, so it stops when i hit a button?
  11. whoops sorry for the double post, didnt think the first went trhough
  12. "replying" then erasing the name, and reentering it fron contacts doesnt help either, they still dont get the message
  13. k i try to reply to the person but i erase their name and reenter it via the contact list, they never receive it. So..... what does this mean?
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