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  1. Guys why this game is not available https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiloo.subwaysurf on this ROM? I gave Blade to my son and he love this game.
  2. Guys what is best metod for now to use ext partition?
  3. KonstanT can You make fresh build with leatest changes?
  4. Anyone can build clean ROM from sources?
  5. I do only flash new build and for me all is OK. I don't observe any problem with Button backlight like @ilopez85 So maybe You must do another full wipe. On previous I have problem with deep sleep, and then do another full wipe and for now all is OK.
  6. I use GAPPS from first post and my Play Store was upgraded, so this means all is OK (upgrade to the new version is send in diffrent time to all users). I see my ZTE Blade on PC via play.google.com and can do all what is possible.
  7. @up look in the second post on this thread
  8. I have no problem with switching from WiFi to mobile data.

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