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  1. I am taking a break from my omnia and using my husbands blackberry storm for awhile. and so far I am loving it :) my omnia was having some serious touchscreen problems (got to the point that I was using the optical mouse more than the touchscreen)and I was ready for a change. at first I thought the storm touch screen was a nuisance but now that I got the hang of it, I think its awesome. when it comes to customization, the crackberry apps r endless. I am eligible for an upgrade and Ive been holding out for the nexus one but as of right now vzw doesnt have it. I read somewhere that sprints getting it now. according to rumors i read somewhere else it was supposed to be released through vzw TODAY. anyway, when I decide to use my upgrade my next phone is definitely gonna b an android device or storm 2.
  2. normally when they send a refurb all u get is the handset: no charger, no battery, no back cover, no stylus. and u have to mail ur handset back to them
  3. go to /windows and overwrite "lockeye.png" and "lockeyeL.png" with the pic of ur choice. one is portrait (lockeye)and the other is landscape(lockeyeL).
  4. have you tried going to ur email account options and under EMAIL SETUP select ENTIRE MESSAGE as your MESSAGE DOWNLOAD LIMIT and HTML as your MESSAGE FORMAT?
  5. nice!!! luv the weather icon/background <_<
  6. thats weird. I dont get any errors on start up now. when I first flashed it said that it was insufficient memory to load showcase but i dont get it anymore. i also used myphone to set up my contacts, calender, etc. hmm...
  7. or u like both. <_< touchflo detacher is cooked in and assigned to a softkey so you can switch back and forth between the 2 with the push of a button. btw, flashed to the new 282XX rom. works really good and the blue theme is beautiful. no SOD issues either. will post pics in a few. edit: here are pics. fyi, i have a custom bottom taskbar thats not part of the rom and memory shown is after i installed my apps.
  8. i edited the xml file which should be: prgm files\throttle launcher\setups\conceptfs\home.xml and i changed the bolded part of the file FIX THE DATE: <text X="33" Y="3" text="#$date,dd#" width="30" height="25" exec="\My Storage\Program Files\SPB Time\spbtime.exe" alignment="Near" fonttype="SF New Republic,18,true" fontcolor="255,255,255" /> <text X="35" Y="25" text="#$date,MMMMMMMMM#" width="80" height="25" exec="\My Storage\Program Files\SPB Time\spbtime.exe" alignment="Near" fonttype="SF New Republic,12,true" fontcolor="255,255,255" SET UP ALARM BUTTON X="80" Y="20" name="Alarms" exec="PATH OF ALARM PROGRAM" height="30" width="160" path="#$THEME_BASE#\Images\btn-alarmes.png" The calender in the link looks nice. I have no clue how to do that. Ur best bet editing the xml is gonna b 2 save the file 2 ur computer, open with notepad, and put the modified document back on ur phone. this is a real good way to customize items that arent available on the setup config option. hope this helps. you need to download throttle launcher program from this website: http://www.throttlelauncher.com/portal/Tab...rottleLauncher/ then download theme from here: http://www.throttlelauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?p=8308 the thread has some good info about the theme. hope this helps.
  9. using similar theme (conceptfs by fireslave) with throttle launcher. all the shortcuts work fine. i had to edit the xml file for some of them. still tryna play around with it to fix the date (cut off in the upper left corner). but its a real cool theme. edit: fixed the date. looks so much better!
  10. pandora works on omnia BUT u have to set one of ur hard keys as a keyboard so u can input info.
  11. u can use m2dc to set your default internet. and the globe in the internet tab will go to it when clicked.
  12. really like m2d but i get bored quick so now im using spb ms. im sure i'll get bored with that soon too and go back to m2d. just not a big titanium fan
  13. Hello everyone, Drakknar @ xda developers rebuilt the latest Facebook smartphone app ( into a cab for ppc users. You can download here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=627072 Enjoy!!
  14. I use fonex 2.2, s2u2 2.30, and spb ms 3.5.3 and my battery will run to about 40% in 11 hours (email updates every 30 min, bluetooth connections, 60-90 minutes of talking, surfing the web and texting all day long). you used odd number increments to describe your battery consumption, are u running a custom task bar? sometimes the 1% and 5% increment taskbars will kill your battery. i've also noticed some custom spb ms skins/themes will cause your battery to drain quicker. maybe you can uninstall each program and reinstall them one by one 2 see whats causing the drain??
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