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  1. Appreciate if someone can CAB the SMS-MMS application from K5 ROM. The attached app in post 1 seems to have a problem with the threaded SMS focus(doesn't scroll to the end).
  2. wow, that's sound good. but till then, I too will be downgrading to WM6.1, the final straw came when my my O2 keep turning off the radio app when I'm running opera during my morning commute..
  3. because in certain parts of the world, the price difference between them is alot.. it's like asking why the frak buy an Hyundai if all you want is a Lexus.. don't worry don't have Lexus stuff on a hyundai because i don't own a car.. :D
  4. You need to use WinMo settings to assign the button, samsung settings will not list the voice command functions. However for WM6.5, you need to edit the registry to show the WinMo settings.
  5. May not need to go to such extremes.. if you turn off the physical backlight through the power settings and use the O2 in total darkness, there is a glow on the screen as compared to an unlit LCD screen. I assume this is light from the OLED itself but it's not strong enough to light the screen in well-lit environments hence the need for the other backlight. I turn off the physical backlight when watching movies in the dark before going to sleep.. as I find the screen too glaring if I don't.
  6. Did you just flashed the ROM? Try a hard reset, don't restore anything yet, and try a test call if it works. I used sprite backup, when I did a full restore, the bug seemed to be backed up as well and caused the problem again
  7. which ROM are you using? I'm using J9 flashed with secany's files, no such problem while watching videos in Touch Player.
  8. yeah, same here, difficult to unlock the phone when in broad daylight.
  9. Not something most would find important but - dial-up over cellular support would be nice.. still works on HTCs. And also the mentioned directional keyboard keys.
  10. Yeah, I'm interested too.. found ezinput but it seems not to work with non-HTC ROMs. How'd you get it to work?
  11. Hi guys, on H3.. seems this always happens after I hang up a call while using headphones..
  12. kinda subjective, i find the default srs wow better than the added one.. the bass is too weak.. anyway removed it due to the inconvenience of having to manually having to switch it on everytime after watching a movie on touch player.
  13. it shouldn't even be set.. hence no default password. Mine is also a StarHub set.
  14. the Samsung mobile tracker? it prompts you to set the password the first time you access it. If it's already set without your knowledge, check with your seller.. hard resets and ROM flashing won't clear it..
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