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  1. OCK, thanks for your excellent ROMs. But I have one question: "Why don't you use i908 boot"? Many of users say, that it faster.
  2. I have a problem to install F i n g e r K e y b o a r d 2 on this Roms: Sinan i900 DXID1 WM6.1 20270 UltraLite v20100205 Sinan i900 DXID1 WM6.5 23102 UltraLite v20100205
  3. sinancetinkaya Very nice rom. Thank you. Only one wish - add XDA_UC please.
  4. OCK Can you replace Jblend with Jbed? Opera mini does not work on Jblend
  5. I have them in internal memory. On 28002 all works fine.
  6. I have flashed 28014, but the auto install does not start. On 28002 all were fine. I'll try to do hard reset... Do not work ;)
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