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  1. Which ROM are you using? The themes that are compatible with the i910 are M2D2 version 2.0 wqvga themes made for 240x400 displays. NOTE: Someone needs to delete your 5 or so duplicate posts
  2. You can try deleting the M2DTP_Loader.lnk in the Windows\Startup folder. If it is cooked in then the ROM may not let you but worth a try
  3. NilsE

    MMS Problem with wm 6.5

    I'm good. How you doing. Good to see you still hanging around...
  4. 1) Make sure the phone is not in USB mode. 2) Is it doing the same with a wall charger, USB cable, and/or a car charger? 3) Is the charger an OEM? Some non-OEM chargers simply don't work
  5. NilsE

    MMS Problem with wm 6.5

    These are the reg entries I cook in to make MMS work so check yours out and see how they compare. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\MMS\Profiles\MMS] "GPRS Profile Name"="Data Network Connect" "Data Connections"="" "Proxy"=dword:00000000 "IP Address"="" "Port"=dword:00000000 "Readonly"=dword:00000000 "MMSC URL"="http://mms.vtext.com/servlets/mms"
  6. NilsE

    DC22 lock

    The background images for the lockscreen either start with lockeye...... or LS_BGroundL_...... depending on your ROM it may even have both. There is 2 of each which is one for portrait (240x400) and one for landscape (400x240) in your Windows folder. Create images with the same names and sizes and copy them to your Windows folder and soft reset.
  7. On top of all that his prices aren't that good either....
  8. NilsE

    DC22 6.5 23569

    Just go into the SMS inbox and tap on the word "conversation" at the upper right and a menu of choices will pop up. Pick "Received"
  9. NilsE

    DC22 6.5 23569

    Just tap on conversation and change it to what you want like received
  10. Here is my latest. The background is actually Carbon Blue but the screenshot does not do it justice.
  11. You probably already figured out the answer but I believe you can do it. Awhile back I created a backup m2dct file and extracted it to my PC with WinZip. I then modified it and reziped it and installed it. I later created a cab from it and both ways worked fine.
  12. NilsE

    touchflow/titanium questions

    Native TouchFlo on the Omnia does not have the option but you can use this to get something there. http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...-page-plug-ins/
  13. NilsE

    DC22 6.5 23569

    If you are using File Explorer you need to select "Show All Files" to see hidden files. However, you also can't replace or overlay ROM files with File Explorer. You need something like TotalCommander which is free. Follow one of the links in my signature to get it from my repository. Don't forget there are reg edits required for the 5% battery also.
  14. NilsE

    Bad luck with roms

    There is no official WM6.5 ROM for the Omnia. That is why we cook em for the Omnia. Sounds like you have tried just about everyone's ROM's but mine. Check them out in the link in my signature just to see if they fit your need before trying.
  15. The developers designed it that way and no one has figured out how to turn it off. Sorry

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