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  1. Hi, Haven't posted for some time. Hope this is in the right area of the forum. Just got an HTC Prophet/SPV M600 and when I'm working in excel, from a file saved from my PC, when I make changes and try to save it it tells me that there is "Unsupported Data" and it either wants me to save it as a different file or discard my changes! Any ideas?? Thanks
  2. When you go to the TASK MANAGER menu for example.... I get Options 1-7 down the left side of the page but... on the right hand side I get other numbers like this... My menu looks like this.. 1 Go To [Action] 2 Refresh * 3 Stop 7 4 Stop All 2 What do the right hand numbers mean????????????????? When I try to "press" the suggested number.symbol - nothing happens! I have this sort of thing on other menus too! Any help appreciated Kid :roll:
  3. I've had my SPV C500 for less than 2 months. Love it to bits. When I read the initial reviews it said that the battery life of this phone was now quite good. (I realise that they use a lot of power) Now.... I don't use my phone a lot but the standby time on it has now: DROPPED TO ABOUT 26 HOURS! surely it has to be better thatn this. It was good at first - several days. What am I doing wrong/have I done wrong? All my power settings are minimal - screen time out etc. & I frequently close down the running programmes. Any help or advice appreciated. Kid Dynamo :cry:
  4. I tried several (it works out expensive!!) on my C500. Sony Erriscson, Jabra, Bluetrek G2 Finally decided on Plantronics M2500 Best for sound, comfort, ease of use. Would recommend it! Kid Dynamo
  5. Subject says it all! Tried all weekend to find where the £ sign was lurking. Is it possible? Thanks
  6. I find it a lot easier to find a conatct if they are file: John Smith rather than Smith, John. But that may just be me. Dumb Tony
  7. I would like to down load a Homescreen. Some offer versions .cab for locked & unlocked phones. My SPV C500 is stright out of it's Orange packaging. I assume it's locked. Is that correct? Anyone know if the Futurama Homescreen will work on my phone? Thanks for your help. Kid Dynamo
  8. I asked a question in the main forum and as a newbie I then realised it would be better here. I have had a quick look through previous posts but.. I'd really like an opinion on the best Bluetooth headset for the SPV C500. I've tried the Jabra's 200 + 250. They work but not brill all the time. In response to my main forum post I had a very +++ response for the Bluetrek G2. Would welcome other suggestions. My internet surfing leads me tho think that the Plantronics M3000 or the Sony/E HB65 (?) would be good? Thanks if you reply. Kid Dynamo :roll:
  9. Hello, New to the forum. This is my first post. Have recently acquired an Orange SPV C500 which was reviewed on this site recently. Great phone. However, having a bit of a problem finding the right bluetooth headset. While the ones that I have tried have paired OK there have been a few snags. Jabra BT250 - defaults instantly to voice tag when you turn the headset on; sometime it doesn't ring in the earpiece when you call someone - first thing you hear is when they pick up. Jabra BT200 - better but still problem with non-ringing in earpiece. Doesn't always connect to voice dialling - requires repeated attempts. Am I being too "picky"? Can someone reccomend a headset for this phone. The review mentioned the Plantronics M3000. Does it work well with SPV C500. Thanks for your help. :roll:
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