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  1. Great work, Paul! I've enjoyed MCRs for the Hero and Desire Z so having one for the GS2 makes me all warm and fuzzy. :) Baked me an (almost) Samsung-free version using the stock app options and loving it. No issues at all.
  2. Sorry Paul..... seems like there may be a gremlin in the works. :( I performed a full wipe of r1 and flashed r2 - no issues with that and the initial setup went smoothly. Love the new boot screen btw! I then reinstalled Root Explorer.... again no problem. Superuser Permissions asked to grant access, I accepted, RE worked. I then reinstalled Titanium Backup, but when run it is unable to obtain root access and Superuser Permissions force-closes. I've tried downloading a new copy of Busybox from within TiB to no avail, uninstalled/reinstalled it several times and reflashed the ROM - same result.
  3. I wish I could help, but my level of knowledge simply isn't up to it. I did see a thread on XDA earlier today concerning the inability to gain perm root on the most recent Vodafone Zs due to (iirc) a different kernel, so perhaps something similar applies in your case. The thread is here - it might be useful to compare kernel/build numbers to see if there's anything in common? Sorry I can't be of any more help.
  4. No, once you've got temp root immediately select "permanently root". Leave the other options well alone, and after the enforced reboot you should have permanent root. At least that's how it worked for me on Saturday. HTC lock the stock kernel so it can't be overclocked normally. With SetCPU open, if you select MENU you'll see a button for "Perflock Disabler". Read the warning and try it at your own risk; it may work, it may not, or it may crash your handset. Whatever happens, nothing persists after a restart unless you select "Set on boot" so DON'T enable this until you're confident that the device is stable! HTH
  5. Thanks Paul, works a treat. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Z. B)
  6. r14 worked perfectly on my own Desire Z (software v1.34.405.5, kernel v2.6.32.21 dated 26/10/2010). Installed, gained temp root, attempted perm root.... job done. B)
  7. Definitely a case of YMMV. I've flashed literally dozens of kitchen-baked MCRs and never had an issue. I have had boot loops with other ROMs.
  8. I remember the 1.91 kernel making a huge difference over stock. I suggest a read of the support thread for it here as my understanding is that freeasabeer incorporated most (if not all) of the optimisations into this kernel. Sorry I can't be of more help. Btw, I'm not overclocking either (it doesn't appear to work correctly anyhow) but am using A2SD+ and my handset definitely 'feels' snappier in use with this kernel.
  9. I was seeing this with the stock 2.1 kernel too, and have heard from others that they do also. It's most common when "backing out" of the browser but can seemingly occur at random with just about any app.
  10. I ran them with the device booted normally and they completed without problems. I think you'll have to insert "mount /sdcard" before the "flash_image" command if doing it in the recovery image... iirc /sdcard isn't mounted by default.
  11. That must be what bit me, as even a clean reinstall after a Nandroid restore resulted in the same thing. I flashed the "no 19MHz" version earlier this evening and the handset now comes out of sleep when asked. Thanks.
  12. Right, so it's full-speed all the way.... gotcha. :angry: I've uninstalled SetCPU and rebooted but the problem waking from sleep persists. I'll restore via Nandroid and try reinstalling again onto a 'clean' system.
  13. One or two issues here, Kalle..... Installation went fine, but on the initial boot my display was seriously messed-up (blue/green and hard to read), I suspect due to previous use of SetCPU. I managed to open it and re-ran "autodetect speeds" and at the next boot things were back to normal. However... 1. The max/min appears locked at 710/19 and doesn't change unless I disable perflock in SetCPU 2.0.1. I wanted to experiment with less-severe overclocks but can't seem to get these to stick. 2. The handset frequently refuses to come out of sleep mode on the first attempt, requiring several keypresses to "wake up" and occasionally resulting in the same display issues as noted above. I'm running a Kitchen-baked MCRr5 with A2SD+ enabled. I had installed Freeasabeer's updated Teknologist kernel but took the precaution of reverting to the stock kernel prior to installing yours.
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