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  1. how to confirm that the usb is giving the 500mA power to the phone ? i have a cable that i short the 2 pins. and now its able to charge. but it seem tat it is charging at a very slow rate.
  2. hmm.. i got this problem. when i receive incoming call, the phone will vibrate. after i answer the call, it will continue to vibrate for very long. like 2mins before it stop. it stop for a min or so and it start to vibrate again. even after i hang up the phone. it happen again even after i rebooted the phone.
  3. was doing some trial and error testing. 1st, i removed the theme. this thing still happen. then i install back the theme, and remove the taskbar. until now its around 5hrs. the keyboard icon still didnt disappeared.. edit1:.. it went missing again ;) edit2: i guess is cause by me disabling the today screen by registry. somehow this rom version dun with if i disable it. did a few hardreset. so far its good without touching the today screen reg.
  4. i using twu2's I8000NXXJD1 LITE 20100410 http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...-lite-20100410/ CE OS 5.2.23103 build 23103.5.3.3
  5. ;) yup downloaded them in less then 24hrs ago. guess need to live with it till u can find the cause
  6. mine also connect everytime the phone boot up. not sure what causing it..
  7. i use your black theme + your taskbar(green) but sometime, the keyboard button at the mid of the bottom bar went missing after booting up. The icon wont appear in any application i load. so i am unable to hide the keyboard if needed. reboot the phone sometime will solve it. sometime i need to reboot a few times.. disappeared after booting up appear after a reboot
  8. i do have this problem sometime. the phone is still receiving power and its charging. but the active sync show disconnected. the cable connectors on both end look fine. it will get reconnect back if: 1. i unplug the usb end at the PC side and connect it back. 2. i unplug the micro usb end and reconnect it back 3. soft reset the phone. sometime, i need to repeat this a few times.
  9. the "x" button wont close program ? anyone with the same problem ? swype also dun work. the keyboard wont appear. this is my 1st 6.5.3 rom, not sure if it work on others..
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