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  1. u can try to manually delete the BTiconScv.dll from Windows folder and soft reset
  2. I really don't know... think the only way is to flash to a more recent and stable ROM
  3. http://www.techparaiso.com/windows-mobile/...m-taskbar-icons
  4. Here a guide and tools to do it: http://www.techparaiso.com/windows-mobile/...m-taskbar-icons
  5. Sticky this couse I wanna try it soon when I have some more free time:P:P Thanks a lot really!
  6. i was planning to... but no time before a month or so
  7. Sorry, really no idea... did it happen like this also with older ROM? Also really no time to check it or even flash the newer rom myself... I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be back in a couple of weeks I guess^^
  8. I sent u the black skin by Private Message on Modaco Forum.
  9. yes! it was the same issue I had^^ I remember having it but really forgot by what it was caused before u mentioned it ;) That's why I'm keeping an useless/empty today screen (losing some RAM and longer startup space... but keyboard is more important^^)
  10. mmm, which ROM u using? maybe it's an issue with latest WinMo build?
  11. I had this problem myself too... sadly I really don't remember what caused it or how I solved it T_T Did u download my taskbar/theme recently? if not, try to download them again now.
  12. Well, I'm not really sure^^ I mean, in theory they should be unified now... BUT I never tested them (as I don't have 6.5 from a long time) and nobody actually reported anything back to me (if someone tried it at all)
  13. The application which crashed is most likely cprog.exe (which makes sense being the phone app... and that's what always happened everytime I had this issue). Last time it happened to me some days ago, I too imported the PIM.vol (and nothing else) after flashing JC1 wm23551 rom Guess I'll try to export the registry next time.

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