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  1. Second Item on the picture after Voice call. As you can see there is an other Android System just below... I've read that the firse one, battery vampire, it is a bug of gingerbread on the dual core... I am confused and that is why I am asking you!
  2. Ok. Whatever you think it is better. May I ask you your opinion on the DUAL core Ginger bug that drains battery? What is all about? Is the Sensation affected too? I am in love with the SGS2 too!
  3. Ciao Paul, Always big fan! The first question, which maybe you are not ready to answer yet, is battery life and performance. Is it possible to put the 2 cell in a rigid test, maybe with a script that make them run same things at the same time?
  4. Hi Pual! Can you share your config for battery? You promised yesterday on twitter!
  5. Battery life on my DHD is bad. On my n1 I had Seido 1600mhA and the phone lasted 14 hours on hard usage, like email, calls etc plus 1,5h of stereo bluetooth music everyday. Same situation and my DHD arrives with short breath at the 8th hour... Bad Good news the new SETCPU update allow to use it on the DHD and with some tweaking with profiles I hit 11 hours. Problem is that when I turn on the screen I experience 3 or 4 sec of big lag due to the cpu low speed when screen is out. Anyway this worked for me... Waiting for a maugen or seido replecemnt
  6. ENDRI


    I've got mine yesyerday. until now everything is fine, no problems here. I kept my Nexus one anyway and I sold my iphone 3gs which is kinda a liberation! The DHD is cool. Maybe the best phone I've ever had. BUT it is not easy to use, you must be brainmanic to use his full power. I needed one entire night to get atop of all the new sense features. In fact the sense hub amd the remote control are not working very good. I used visionary (thx great Paul) but I didn't get the utility of the thing... I think it will be hard to install cooked rom with this new guardchip Attention in using SetCPU, it is not updated for the NEW snapdragon and when I tried I experienced several problem in speed and performance... Is anybody aware that when the phone is turned off with the hibernation process, the battery it's still in use... very light but in use, Yesterday night I unplugged after the first full charge (Charging the first time 12 hr is for nichel battery, Ionlithium hate this treatment as you can read in the wikipedia.en very good paragraph, it suggest you charge it the first time 50%, second 75% and then 100%. I am not sure if this is right... wait for your feedback), well when I turned back off the battery widget said 98%... Anyway after 3 hourse of intense useage the battery is at 81%
  7. Same problem over here too Not possible to update. Please Paul help us we are getting crazy with this damn OTA getting in the way ALWAYS
  8. Downloading Now. What can I say... you are my hero... Should I wipe from cyan?
  9. Comparing with the mcr 2.0 the r22 is a bit slower but just a bit. The only thing that I've noticed is a pesky latency of the browser before it starts to load a page. Is it: a) normal or :) my problem. Any solutions/reason?
  10. Now that the Man has the kernel... good times!
  11. I LOVE THIS NEW ROM Hey Paul. You did a great Job... It's really snappy and usable as a my main phone! Thx dude, you rocks
  12. Always be faithfull in ppl who works for passion and not for money. I have faith that if the desire will ever be ported to the n1... Paul would be the porter. Him and nobody else! So hang in there and think about me... I own a N900 from Nokia and we are waiting for 3 month an upgrade (PR 1.2) from NOKIA just to make it useble and bugfree...
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