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  1. Hi, after flashing the recovery...did you flash a new ROM? And if so, did you wipe everything? Regards, Javier.
  2. Hello, The only way to stop is is to say "yes" to update. Recovery will reject it with some error, reboot and It´s gone. Regards, Javier
  3. Well, I´m sorry to be the one that tell´s you but once you rooted your phone, you will not be able to install the OTA. You can try but due to the custom recovery you should have installed when rooting, the OTA will fail. What I don´t understand is why you would want to install them? Regards, Javier
  4. Hi, I droppen my N1 more than once and it still has not a scratch on it. I would´t worry about the screen. regards, Javier.
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