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  1. Hi there, the C600 isn't all that different from the C550. It's more of an upgraded C500 with WM5 running on it. Haven't used one myself (C550 also for me) but a mate has one and he was happy with it. He went straight from the C500 with it's crap resolution screen to the C600 with it's QVGA screen though. Have a look here for the specs - it's the left hand picture on the 2nd post. The C600 is Orange's version of the HTC Tornado. C600 The M600 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) is a PDA/MiniPDA style phone. Not sure if it's running WM5 or WM2003SE. Had a quick look through the PocketPC forum but can't find any specs sorry. In my opinion it's worth waiting a few weeks becasue the HTC Breeze (C700) and HTC Hermes (M3100) should be out soon so it's worth having a look at them aswell. Breeze & Hermes Hope this helps! Boff
  2. I keep getting the I/O error message when trying to run this app on an Orange C550. It's app unlocked as far as I know. Unlocked it when I fisrt had the phone and never have problems running unsigned software. Even tried running the SDAUnlock file in this thread but I get a 'phone is not lockable' dialog box before the 'SDA succesfully unlocked' message. I'm guessing I'm getting the 'not lockable' message as it's non SDA? Anyone got OmapClock running on an Orange C550? If so, how? Many thanks in advance! Boff
  3. The ClearVue suite would be best for viewing & editing Word docs. It will open most MS Office docs. I don't think it's cheap though. Most of the online smartphone software places do it. You may be able to find it using other means... Not sure about the midi one, I know I'm stating the obvious but have you tried Google? Hope this helps
  4. Well I would suggest a hard-reset. You will lose any progs, photos, videos etc that are saved onto the phone's memory. Also your contacts will be lost from the phone (not your SIM though). Anything saved onto the storage card will be ok. To do a hard reset turn the phone off, then turn it on, and hold in the 2 soft keys while it's booting, you should then get a screen wiht an option to do a hard reset. If the phone boots normally you'll have to shut it down and try again. If you do a search for Hard Reset there is a much better guide on here! Hope this helps.
  5. The stand alone version allows you to specify a .bin file to load as well as a skin. The emu comes with a smartphone bin file and a ppc bin file. To be honest I don't even know if the .bin files are exact rom images or if they've been created especially for the emulator. I assumed they were the actual rom images due to the way emulators work. The Smartphone emulator works well but there are a few apps missing that are standard on the C500 (File manager to name one) and I'd rather test registry changes and things like that on an image of my actual device rather than a generic smartphone image. Oh well if it can't be done then a generic one is better than nothing! Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi I've been using the stand-alone smartphone emulator (the ms device emulator community preview one) to quickly test games/apps/homescreens etc before installing on my c500 and was wondering if it's possible to extract the rom as a .bin file (or create one from the extracted image) to use in the emulator so it's an exact copy of my device? (Like you could with the Palm emulator.) I've been looking on spv-developers and thought that nbftools would do the job but from what I can see it doesn't create a .bin file. Does anyone know if this is possible? Cheers Boff P.S. Also if it can be done is there anything similar for the C550 as I'm hoping to upgrade soon.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I am aware of the risks (hence my post) and potential problems with Orange if things go wrong or even when it's time to part ex my phone. That's why I'm trying to find out what the actual benefits would be to decide if they outweigh the risks. I am well aware of the supposed advantages of a new OS in general (I've worked in IT for the past 7 years) but that usually comes at the cost of more demanding system requirements and 'features' you may or may not need! Firstly the C500 was never designed for WM5 (and vice versa) so I can't see any hardware driver improvements. (E.g. more camera settings, improved phone signal etc.) I would have thought it would have the opposite effect if anything. Basically, would the benefits be mainly cosmetic? And is anyone actually using WM5 on the C500 (legit copy or otherwise). Thanks again for replying
  8. I have "found" a copy of the WM5 image with associated guides and tools for installing onto a non-wm5 phone. My 2 questions are: 1. Is it worth taking the risk and will it break any of the current features of the phone? (Softkeys, Camera + Volume buttons, App compbatibility) 2. What are the potential benefits of the upgraded OS? I found it a while ago and have been holding off in case I bugger something up on the phone. I've only got about a month left on my contract so hoping to upgrade to a C550 then anyway. Thaks in advance Boff
  9. Yes tried to app unlock OTA earlier and it worked, saw a post on here about problems when using firefox to view the page so I used IE instead and it worked first time. (And I haven't run the Action Register App) So if anyone's using Firefox and is having problems app unlocking using the Orange website try IE.
  10. Will this decert process work for the C500? Had my phone replaced due to a cracked screen and have been unsuccesful so far using the Orange website method. Cheers
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