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  1. Could anyone post a mirror to 28008 version? I cannot download from rapidshare! =(
  2. Hi Sector!! If isn't too much trouble...could u put the Omnia lite apps as default and take out the old omnia apps as calendar, phonebook,...??? I know I can replace the old ones with the new ones...but even if I do that..the old ones still gonna be there, right?? I dont know if it is only me...but this ROM 23504 feels kind havier then the last one! Thx
  3. Hello.. Yes, the cab SMS Fix works to fix the email problem...I had that problem with the 23064 and worked... And I'm using the new ROM 23504 Classic...and the SMS and Email works fine without the SMS Fix..
  4. I'm using the new ROM 23504 Classic...and I'm having a problem... I'm able to record in slow mode...but I'm not able to see the video...it say Unable to read this file... When I record in normal mode works fine...I'm able to see the video... Anybody else having this problem??? Great ROM Sector...thx for your work!!
  5. I have that problem with the Neo version too... Hey...U should install the SMS_fix...that should work...I installed and now I can open and reply my emails...
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