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  1. Hi My friend has just bought one of these on Orange pay as you go.. they are selling them at a loss for £149.00 i might buy one as a spare.... Does anyone know how to take the lock off from win mo.. i have a cab on my HTC HD2 but this does not load... Anyone wants a good PDA try orange shop online....
  2. Hi All, I have owned just about every win mobile from the SPV 500 to the new current HD2. My Question is this.... Why do windows mobile have to make such a big performance over everything it does... I love my HD2 but i have issues with the unit.. having to install 5 million applications to get the lock screen to stop... sms sends when it wants to... when you go on game sites apple charge 3.00 for a better version that i have to pay £10.00 for.. etc then there is media player... OMG i thought itunes was bad with quick time... I bought the new Transformers on Blueray... it came with a digital copy... ok... i work in it... when it has to mess around with media player and takes you to a screen that does not work.... Microsoft sort your life out... I managed to get around it with lots of messing around... but now the movie judders like hell.. i bet if i had registered this on the itunes and used it on an apple it would have been A, easier and B, full screen and no judder... I am seriously conserdering throwing the towel in with Windows mobile and jumping ship... i realise i have some stuff that wont work with apple... but hey it all works fine... no hang ups and messing around... no third party software to make it work like a phone.. rant off... anyone who has an iphone i would appreciate your comments.
  3. after reading that there is a new 2.01 comming soon i might wait for it
  4. Thanks Vulture works a treat... now i am using the s2u2 :)
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the lock option.. I love the S2U2 option and hate the windows version.. its too high up. thanks in advance
  6. This has happened to me a couple of times.... if you hold down the call button you get a menu come up, select lock and it will then lock from then on... I wish i could get this to turn off again so i could use S2U2 lock program..
  7. Yay works a treat... thanks for the update... its made my phone even better... if you launch the compass, click the destination tab... and google maps loads... click on the ok button to close google maps and compass comes back up.
  8. I went to the O2 store in bolton today as my friend has now just bought one on contract... after a little haggling he got it for 97.00 which is not bad.... i bought mine sim free.... if you are buying one from O2 be aware that they have removed the wireless router option.... no idea why... but the guy in the store had one and it did not have the option i have. It's still a great phone... but in very short supply, due to O2 recalling the unit for the camera issue, then to recall it for the removal of the wireless router option
  9. wow, thanks for this update... i had gone to settings, then advanced settings..... then phone and then band ... etc. Orange seem to have some issues with 3g at my work at the mo so i switch to 2g when i am there so it will make it alot easier...
  10. I agree, maybe we can get a list of good tweeks that people are using... my only gripe would be that as its a massive screen i would have loved to move the slider unlock either to the middle or bottom of the screen... Maybe i can find some screen unlock at xda developers :D
  11. Ordered mine Monday.... shipped today YAYAYAYAYAYAY tomorrow... Play.com must have stocks.... i want to take the day off to wait for it :) but have to go in now to pay for my phone :D
  12. I bought mine from Handtec for just over £430.00 this way i can put any simm i need in. I was swayed by the keyboard as i had the kaiser, then moved to the Diamond and then the Touch HD and found that the texting / email caused issues... but now i have got the new HTC 6.5 upgrade i hardly ever open the unit so i might look up the Leo and sell my 2 month out Touch Pro 2 :) The texting and working makes a big differnce on 6.5 to 6.1
  13. Hi I have just updated to the official newer rom 1.19.401.1 but since upgrading i cannot install any applications now :D I have tried the TP2-Appunlock but this does the same.. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I have been using my TP2since my birthday on tuesday and have yet to get more than a day out of the battery due to my excessive use. I have not liked a phone this much since my kaiser days. I cannot state how the phone works and the little niceties make it a pleasure to use. I cannot wait for the little tweeks and extras thatwill find its way on to my phone in the next few months. and we can upgrade to windows mobile 6.5....... if anyone has any reservations make the leap you will not regret
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