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  1. You're right! I learnt alot through this project as well :)
  2. Finally, the project is about to off. I truly thank you guys very much to take lots of time to develop such an old device for a long time. I have plenty of memories about this project and about my Omnia II i8000 but it's time i have to let it go and get a new one. Thanks dev team once again!
  3. thanh_nha0706

    WP 7.5 Possible or not

    I consider this thought as well! :)
  4. I think it will be soon. They're working on a new camera driver! Hope! :)
  5. I've found a problem with Vietnamese font :(
  6. Other problems are: 3. Cannot change input methods in keyboard (I've installed Vietnamese keyboard successfully and I cannot change from Android keyboard to Vietnamese keyboard) 4. The battery problem: I charged my phone fully before sleep and just over one night, the battery was drained out completely. (wifi was on all that time)
  7. After a day using, there are 2 bugs that I've found: 1. I cannot use earphone (like others) 2. The volume is so small even when I maximize it. [Q]: How can I know that the swap partition is working or not???
  8. Here your solution: Open file vold.fstab from system/etc and change follow: from: to: Don't need to change anything in the file init.rc. Remember to reboot your phone after changing.
  9. All I can say that it's crazy fast. Thank you very much for the Dev team :) This really brings a whole new life for my old Omnia 2. I really appreciate your work.
  10. If it hangs on "Android on Omnia 2 Loading", it may be failed at wrong partition.
  11. OK sleep tight, guy. Hope it will be released tomorrow!!!
  12. Any news about the release!!!! I'm dying because of waiting!!!! T_T
  13. I'm waiting excitingly for this release because it's a big step ahead...

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