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  1. Finally, the project is about to off. I truly thank you guys very much to take lots of time to develop such an old device for a long time. I have plenty of memories about this project and about my Omnia II i8000 but it's time i have to let it go and get a new one. Thanks dev team once again!
  2. Other problems are: 3. Cannot change input methods in keyboard (I've installed Vietnamese keyboard successfully and I cannot change from Android keyboard to Vietnamese keyboard) 4. The battery problem: I charged my phone fully before sleep and just over one night, the battery was drained out completely. (wifi was on all that time)
  3. After a day using, there are 2 bugs that I've found: 1. I cannot use earphone (like others) 2. The volume is so small even when I maximize it. [Q]: How can I know that the swap partition is working or not???
  4. Here your solution: Open file vold.fstab from system/etc and change follow: from: to: Don't need to change anything in the file init.rc. Remember to reboot your phone after changing.
  5. All I can say that it's crazy fast. Thank you very much for the Dev team :) This really brings a whole new life for my old Omnia 2. I really appreciate your work.
  6. If it hangs on "Android on Omnia 2 Loading", it may be failed at wrong partition.
  7. I'm waiting excitingly for this release because it's a big step ahead...
  8. I've tested SPB Shell 3D too and my problem is about font under icons, it's scramble. Beside that, it runs so so slowly....zzZ
  9. You mean you cannot download the file from this link right? If then, download the attachment and just delete ".zip extension, not have to uncompress! flash_player_10.2.157.340 for ARMv6.apk.zip
  10. I have something to share (since beta 1): That's a movie playing problem: Let's take an example that I have a 700MB movie (avi). When I play it in Windows Mobile (Touch Player), it can't be played smoothly without laggy. In contrast, when I play the same movie in Android (Mobo Player), it's quite laggy and sometimes loose the sound. Can anyone fix this problem...?
  11. I have just tested the hot game "Cut the Rope" and it can be played smoothly with my phone...However, if I play the game about 30 minutes, the phone gets hotter and hotter....(very hot :) )
  12. Installation on Internal Storage seems to save energy than installation on external card....
  13. Have you installed beta 2 or beta 3? In the newest beta, the white-square problem in angry birds is solved. I've tried these 2 games and they just works well and smoothly. Check it again! I think you may remove your SD card and then try to load to android once. If it's not solved, try again with the SD card in slot.... :)
  14. I saw your pics and it shows 154MB RAM that means there is no additional memory for graphic as Voyteckst said. I guess that you cannot play Angry birds without white squares... :)
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