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  1. there is no self portrait mode when done on i900 i know im posting in the wrong place but as there is no cab for this in the i900 section i decided lets give this a try
  2. How is the camera on various custom ROMs(6.5)? Which ROM is the best for photography?
  3. The Omnia has two cameras..one 5MP on the back and a secondary front facing one(which i think is VGA) The question is..how do we use the front camera in the normal camera app(it has no Switch Camera option)
  4. you know what......it would help gr8ly if someone made a simulator(like in SDKs) for winmo devices like hd2 etc. so that we could test the downloaded roms beforehand
  5. ok ..... topic is off-course.... we are talking about a Rom which has all the features a standard OEM WinMo 6.5 with all the things that samsung would fit in if they ever launched an update for the existing software....a second rom should also be made as many people want it that is a original unmodified WinMo6.5 rom which has everything Microsoft would put in only
  6. OK, well uh a few suggestions/questions Can you colorise the start menu logo as in some other builds? Are the brick breaker type things and office deletable or not? oh and btw, thanks for listening
  7. same here.....everyday now....still keep reading posts trying to decide between Nicklas or cruddasj or Narruto or Ryrzy .... the rankings help a little bit though but they havent updated since christmas
  8. ok, is there an actual full CAb theme with the martin mods in naruto's rom or the simple wm7 hybrid version?
  9. ok then i'll wait for it .... anywayz is it going to be true and blue or black signature?
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