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  1. "disable device lock.cab" doesn't work. I see no change after install. I also tried AEButton+, but didn't like it - I didn't know how to use it and I don't think it's the right solution. I'd rather just disable original device lock and use S2U2 than hack buttons. But thanx anyway for quick response. :huh:
  2. Hello! I have Samsung Omnia i900 and I installed OCK's Premium rom (build 23563), which I like verry much, but I found Slide 2 Unlock 2 application for locking phone. I installed it and it works fine, but when I lock the phone by holding the "hang up" button, I get double lock - lock with default (OCK's) lock screan and S2U2. I searched this forum and also the web and found (only) 2 solutions, which i combined several times without success: - try to enable/disable S2U2's option for overriding Windows'es lock - disable the "new winmo6.5 lock" Well, I also found 2 other solutions, which I don't like: - use a program to redefine hardware buttons (I don't want to mess with buttons, because I only want to disable default lock) - disable lock with "hang up" button an use another button (I currently use this solution, but I would realy prefer to use the "hang up" button) Does anyone know how to fix this? Please, help!
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