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  1. One year has passed. Do you think the economy is better?
  2. The iphone UI is so great. And the PND I got recently also has a great iphone UI. Easy to use.
  3. Does MSVC work on Nokia 5220 XM? Or is there any similar application? I really want this on my phone, too.
  4. Go for opera. I has it on my phone and it is good to use all the time.
  5. I agree with the above. Get a calculator help you.
  6. Post your question on xda-developers.com and see if they could help you.
  7. Post your question on xda-developers.com and the professional hackers there will help you.
  8. To disable overlay mode and enable videos, go to Menu>Tools>Preferences>Select Page>Video, change Video Output from QTv Display to Direct Draw or GDI (whichever one gives better results, usually Direct Draw.) Note that although videos should be working fine now they will not be very well rendered, as you may notice some Audio Sync issues with H.264 videos. For best results, use MPEG4 (Xvid or DivX) and set bitrate to no higher than 500kbps for video, and resolution to 400x240.
  9. Personally between these two I think the Omnia wins. Omnia is thinner, better cpu, larger internal memory, better camera etc. Though the X1 does have some nice toys in itself. For example the Video quality is better than the Omnia, better battery and better screen resolution with better hardware video acceleration. The i900 does have a few annoying problems, like the stylus that isn't onboard.
  10. At least, they are trying to make their designs more people-centric. It is good news. I am looking forwards to better UI from them.
  11. I guess there is something wrong with my keyboard. Sometimes it repeats the same character twice although i just press it once. Sometimes, although I need press the button many times to input a word. That bothers me a lot.
  12. Take your requirements into consideration, I think HTC Diamond 2 suits her. In fact, I am a girl and use it. It is very nice.
  13. Good news that windows mobile 6.5 would be released on October 6.
  14. Do a soft reset to your phone and see if it is better. Otherwise, sending it to the sony repair is the best choice.
  15. Reinstall a better version of SPB Mobile shell panel and see if it works.
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