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    Galaxy S II, N900, Desire Z
  1. Had a search and found that this isn't compatible with my Nexus 4. =( Shame really, was looking forward to giving it a whirl.
  2. tone-fu

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Typical of Google really, no other company knows how to foul up a product launch like they do. Say what you like about Apple's business practices, at least they know how to take your money.
  3. Mine got really hot when my daughter was playing the 'Super Why!' game, nothing else seemed to heat it up though, and that game isn't labour intensive (or graphically). It's weird.
  4. This worked like a charm for me. Thanks, Paul.
  5. tone-fu

    GSII Rooting

    I rooted, then updated to the newest KE2 firmware, which borked my phone, then went back to a generic FW (KE1) and it removed the root. If that's any help? :unsure:
  6. Just a quick heads-up.. If you're on Orange UK you may find that this update (when installed over KIES) results in your com.android.phone process force closing all the time, leaving you with a veritable paperweight. I've had to fall-back to KE1 to sort the problem.
  7. tone-fu

    Signal Performance

    My signal's been a little erratic. Even when I'm in one area in can be good one minute and toss the next. I'm unsure whether it's an actual issue or just Android being a duffer and not reporting the signal correctly. I'm on Orange in the South East.
  8. Yeah, the third party browsers take the bother out of the text reflow issue, but it'd be nice to have it working out of the box, you know? I've got quite used to the size too. It helped to put a silicon jacket on the thing, it doesn't feel so slippery then! :mellow:
  9. It's definitely an upgrade on HTC's current range of SLCD's. It's very sharp, colours are vivid. I'm not sure it fully beats the dreaded iPhone 4's 'retina display' but it's the best display I've come across on an Android device (and I go through a lot of phones in the course of my job). My biggest bones of contention with the thing at the moment are the price, the lack of text reflow in the browser when you use pinch to zoom, the lack of a hardware shutter key for the camera,the wishy-washy Wi-Fi reception and the general size, but that could be down to me having small hands. Other than that I can't complain. =)
  10. The screen isn't too bad outside, but in direct sunshine it suffers quite a lot. There is a feature on the video player for improving visibility outside but I haven't tried that yet.
  11. I'm definitely interested. I'll be buying one within the next month.
  12. tone-fu

    Win a HTC Desire HD with MoDaCo and @superetrader

    All three boxes ticked! Thanks for the comp. Best of luck everyone. :(
  13. tone-fu

    Got some problems

    Thanks mate. EDIT Oh well, my Nexus S experiment lasted a week but it's gone back now. Another disappointing, incomplete device. Pff.
  14. tone-fu

    Got some problems

    Hi Folks, I've been enjoying my Nexus S but I've had a few problems so far and I wanted to see if they were singular problems or more widespread, so if you don't mind indulging me? Signal - I've been having all manner of fluctuation with the signal. My Wife's Desire Z, which is also on Orange, is showing a far better reception in all areas, both indoors and out. I've even had a few total drop-outs, where I've had no signal at all, even though my old N900 and the Missus' phone are still showing at least 2 bars. Wi-Fi - I've found the Wi-Fi signal to be awful. Again, other devices in the household are showing full bars yet the Nexus is showing 1. It's so bad that if I sit next to the router to get full signal, if I turn the device to face away I drop down to 1 or 2 bars. This isn't normal, surely? Camera - Everything's blurry. Even the faintest hint of movement from a subject and the whole image is a mass of blur. Which is annoying to say the least. App Issue - This is an extension of the signal problem really. When I go into a game, say, Angry Birds or Squibble, when I come out of the game I have no signal, and it doesn't come back for about 4-5 minutes. What are your views? Cheers and Merry Christmas :(
  15. Yeah, I ended up doing the same thing. All fine so far.

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