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  1. Or If your like me and on contract with O2 sim unlock for one x was a cool price off £0.00 lol
  2. Ah ok sorry bt not been on site for a few days any idea when they will be back up? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi dose anyone now what up with there site ?
  4. Well i go mine of a friend 2 days old unlocked for an amazing £380 he was scint lol. Well had a few glitches but nothing to cry home about the phine real is the dos what its hehe.
  5. Hi Paul Also meant to say this update rocks man your the best keep up good work and good to see you back dev rom
  6. Hi Paul Here one how about built in fix for bluetooth so we can transfer files with out having to install the bluetooth app
  7. mine is t-mobile build cl#47214 release-key baseband software ver 1.0.0A6288
  8. hmmm well iam a newbie to this think the guy how can maybe help would be paul
  9. Have you tried doing the hold home+power release then hold home+power again then in recover is a wipe/data/factory rest this might get you it back worth a try i think. Or go back where you got it from and tell little white lie and tell then it just went of on one and now not working hehe
  10. Ok have done hat mate hope they can help use i feel like a fish out of water ust to winMod lol
  11. yep it works there no option to do a backup or iam i doing something wrong?
  12. Sometimes i have to take batt out but sometime just tapping power key works lol and yes put it in xda but going to edit see i get any help :D
  13. Ok is it me or am i doing something wrong i have tried to do nandroid back up by using the hold home key and power but all i get is a triangle with a yellow ! and pic of phone. I can get to recovery say that E: Can't open /chache/recovery/command. Oh and i am new to android lol
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