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  1. Hi, Commercial version of most advanced Android Spy Software called mobistealth is available now. Mobistealth enables you to monitor/protect children, catch cheating spouse, implement company policies, catch criminals and protect/recover Android phones. Mobistealth is most advanced product of its kind on Android phones. Parents are using it to protect children from dangers of sexting which has become an epidemic. It is already in use in West Africa to stop kidnappings and even catch the kidnappers. Some companies are even using it record meetings/interviews etc. It's a multipurpose and powerful application but should be used in lawful manner. Following is the supported feature list - Remotely Listen to surroundings of phone - Picture Logging - SMS Logging with all details - Logging of Complete Call History - Logging of Contact Details - Logging of Bookmarks - Logging of Calendar/Appointment Details - Logging of Current Location - Logging of Complete location history - Logging of SIM Change Notification - Logging of CellID based Location - Location Reporting Preference ( GPS or Cell ID based) - Location Information Through SMS - Phone wipe in case phone is stolen You can view further details at http://mobistealth.com Note: Some more features to stop sexting will be added in next few weeks Regards, shazlhr
  2. Now Mobistealth also supporst T-Mobile myToch 3G. So now Mobistealth covers almost all Android Based phones in USA. We are also in discussion with SkyHook( official provider of location based services on iPhone) to integrate their technology into MobiStealth as they seem to be far mature and accurate as compared to google's location based srvices. We'll keep you updated about latest developments. Regrads, shaz
  3. AndroidLocatore Trial version is also launched in Android Market place. So now one can use it for free for 1 week period
  4. eInformatiks has released a very useful utility at Android Market Place called AndroidLocator. Now you can track your mobile whether lost at home or anywhere else. This utility has ability to report location of a mobile phone even when GPS is turned off or unavailable. Following is detailed list of all the features of AndroidLocator - No need of internet, just send a secret SMS from a predefined number and phone will immediately report its current location. - Location reporting even when GPS is turned Off/Unavailable. - First application for Android Phones which internally resolves the CellID (Mobile Tower ID) to longitude and latitude. - Ability to switch off the silent mode and increase ringer volume to maximum through a predefined SMS message - Operates secretly after initial configuration settings, so no one can notice if it is running or not - Extremely Battery friendly, as it only wakes up when SIM is changed or new SMS is arrived, completes its work and immediately dies away. Further details can be viewed at http://einformatiks.com/
  5. Hi, StealthSpy has been updated with exciting new features.Following is list new added features. You can get details of each feature from http://mobistealth.com/features.php. - SIM Change Notification - CellID based Location - Location Reporting Preference - Location Information Through SMS - Phone Wipe through SMS - encryption in both local and on wire data - data logging only if there is any change in data So the updated feature List make it more than useful for following purposes - Monitor & Protect your Children - Protect & Recover your lost/stolen Phone (http://mobistealth.com/anti-theft.php) - Catch Cheating Spouse - Monitor employees. We are continously looking for Beta Testers. If you are interested then please email us at [email protected] Best Regards, shaz
  6. As you know technology can be used in both positive and negative ways. Sexting has become a pandemic and needs to be addressed quickly. Having parental controls on cell phones and PC discourages children from engaging in such behavior because they know that their parents will find out. Uptill now parents were helpless as for as Android is concerned as there was no such thing for this platform. Similarly companies can use it to track actual location of their sales persons. They can even use it to implement policies on company owned-mobiles. All this can be done by informing children and employees that they are being monitored through StealthSpy . One can also use it to back up his/her data so that it is available even if phone is lost or damaged. The stealth feature of this application enables it to do desired job behind the scene so that user can continue normal activities on phone.They can even track their lost/stolen mobile phones with GPS location feature. So you can see there are quite a few positive uses of this application. Internet and TV both are being used in negative and positive ways. Should we blame both for negative use or the people using them in negative way should be held accountable? Anyhow some really interesting features especially targeted to track stolen phones will be announced in next few days. Regards, shahzad
  7. Hi, Another Feature has been added to StealthSpy. Now users can view/log saved Bookmarks on Android phones using their accounts at Mobistealth web site. Following is complete list of information which can be captured using StealthSpy - text messages - phone calls - visited websites - saved bookmarks - contacts - appointments/calendar - GPS (location) history We are continuously looking for beta testers. These testers will be offered free three months accounts once mobistealth is commercially launched. If you are interested in beta testing then contact us at [email protected] Regards, shaz
  8. MobiStealth announces first comprehensive spying software for android phones. This software is called StealthSpy and can be used to supervise and protect teenagers and employees,and to investigate infidelity and criminal activity. StealthSpy is very easy to use. You simply set it up on the mobile you intend to monitor and then login to MobiStealth website to view exactly what happens on the phone . You will be able to view following information - text messages - phone calls - websites visited - contacts - appointments/calendar - GPS (location) history. - Bookmarks Following are some more features - SIM Change Notification (added on 3rd September 2009) - CellID based Location (added on 3rd September 2009) - Location Reporting Preference (added on 3rd September 2009) - Location Information Through SMS (added on 3rd September 2009) - Phone Wipe through SMS (added on 3rd September 2009) - encryption in both local and on wire data (added on 3rd September 2009) - data logging only if there is any change in data (added on 3rd September 2009) The best part is that you can view all this data from anywhere in the world in real time! It works in complete stealth mode - which means it can silently work in the background and record all activities on the phone. These feature list make it more than useful for following purposes. - Monitor & Protect your Children - Protect & Recover your lost/stolen Phone (http://mobistealth.com/anti-theft.php) - Catch Cheating Spouse - Monitor employees. Currently we are looking for limited number of beta testers. These testers will be awarded free 3 month accounts when MobiStealth is commercially launched. Please email imei number( dial *#06# to see imei number) of target phone at [email protected] . We shall email you the beta account details and StealthSpy installation instructions.
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