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  1. Not the first time, no. - flashed kernel - flashed rom - got stuck on boot screen - full wipe - still stuck, hard reboot - reflashed rom (but did NOT wipe immediately before flash after getting stuck) - still stuck at boot - restore from backup, back to starting point, everything ok need to retry the whole process tomorrow, need some sleep now.
  2. Downloading... this is going to be exciting! EDIT: Quick progress update with my unbranded, unlocked P1000 EURO: 1. R2 kernel flashed With Odin3 1.7 OK (Tab into download mode, Power + Vol Down) 2. Booted fine, now got T-Mobile logos all over my bootup, not a big deal. The Tab feels A LOT snapper now, really great! 3. Seem to have cleaned out all user apps (normal) AND the Android Market app. Only Samsung own market app remains, whoops!?! EDIT2: Wipe in recovery (Power + Vol Up) restored the Android Market app & co., back to flashing the rom... 4. Backed up in CWM and flashed the alpha1 rom. Got stuck at the T-Mobile boot screen after reboot. Wipe/FR in CWM did not help either, still stuck at boot screen for >5 mins. Reflashing did not help either. Had to go back to original rom for now... Any clues?
  3. What application did you use to test? My screen detect 2 touch points fine but not more than that as the MM2 does not recognise more than 2 points.
  4. I just installed ClockworkMod Recovery on my Milestone 2 (a953) using the Droid 2 Bootstrap app. You can find the app from the Market. Worked perfectly, now if I only could find a decent ROM for the M2... :P
  5. THIS HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY TESTED ON THE M2 A953 MODEL Problem solved with z4root app, 1) Open Android Market and search for "z4root" 2) Install and launch the z4root app 3) Select "Permanent root". Note! The Temporary root option did NOT work for me 4) Wait for the process to finish and the phone to reboot. It takes about 3-5 minutes 5) Enjoy your rooted M2
  6. I got my Milestone 2 a few days ago and I jusr decided to root it to get a more out of it. I've tried the 1-2-3 root for the Droid 2 in the xda forums with little success. Anyone with some more experience in rooting the MS2?
  7. The browser is really slow in my eyes as well, compared to the iPad browser there is pretty much room for improvments. Otherwise the Tab is very snappy. I'm currently using the Skyfire browser, it works great and is faster than the stock one.
  8. MS Exchange keeps crashing at configuration. Works perfectly with R21 but this one keeps giving me trouble. Tried configuring several times and even wiping and re-flashing but same problem. Had to revert to r21 to be able to sync contacts, mail and calendar.
  9. Sounds like it could be related to the traditional radio issue used by bad 3G reception. Try looking at battery usage stats if you can find "Time without signal %" under the Cell standby option. If it is higher than 0% your battery drain could be caused by unnecessary switching between 3G and 2G networks. Try turning 3G completely off and see if your battery life increases. I had a similar issue and got rid of it by downgrading the radio with Alpha r22.1 (and earlier builds). Can't remember the version but should be about 2 releases before the Froyo radio.
  10. Problem appear to be solved, my CPU was for some reason stuck at 384MHz, no wonder it was slow. I had to manually force the min CPU speed to 998MHz with SetCPU before I got my speed back. Strange, not sure if SetCPU itself caused the problem initially. I'm still noticing a short lag ~2-300ms when unlocking the phone and wanting to immediately switch home screen but I guess that is a feature of Froyo, otherwise it runs very smooth.
  11. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing serious lagging with Froyo, especially when returning to the home screen. Performance was much smoother with 2.1. I've tried the traditional wiping + reflashing twice now but still feel like I'm back on my old HTC Hero. Seriously annoying as Froyo seem to be a huge improvement otherwise. Also, any way to change the default dialer link in the dock to open Dialer One as the stock dialer is just not keeping up with other alternatives?
  12. I have noticed that with the Sense UI ROM I have to use the newest radio for a solid connection and with CM and MCR the next newest. Strange but the different radio images seem to work better with specific ROMs.
  13. Same here, does not seem to be ROM dependent. Slow market with both Desire r21 and CM 5.0.6...
  14. I've now tried both Alpha9 and A10 but still can not get Bluetooth to work. I've tried with 2 different (Nokia) BT headsets but a scan will not detect them. Reboot, re-flash etc. does not seem to help. (Tested both BT headsets with the MCR 1.6 build for N1 and they work just fine). I also tried to connect N1 with desire A10 with my laptop over BT. The laptop finds it but gives an error when actually trying to connect. Otherwise the build works just about perfectly.
  15. Same here, I had to turn off the option to show the organisation when receiving calls as they're all mixed up.
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