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  1. I've had a quick look at this and it states:- "ATTENTION : UPGRADE FROM YOUR CARRIER BRANDED ROM ONLY! , DOWNGRADE FROM SUPERIOR ANDROID VERSIONS IS NOT GOING TO WORK BECUSE THERE IS A BUG IN CM9/CM10/CM10.X ON TPT HELPER DUE TO PARTITION ISSUES. - You can only downgrade to the unbranded Gingerbread if you've flashed Custom ROM's that uses the Gingerbread OS. (Android 2.3.5 / Android 2.3.7) - You can upgrade to the unbranded Gingerbread if you have an Stock ROM [bASED ON CARRIERS] installed on your ZTE Skate / Orange Monte Carlo / MEDION LIFE devices" does this mean it won't work trying to downgrade from ParanoidJelly?
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, I like the idea of the original stock ZTE 2.3.5 ROM, but then adding options for potential buyers.
  3. Hi all, I've recently taken the plunge and upgraded from my OMC/Skate, since it has been well looked after I'm considering selling it instead of just putting it into a draw to gather dust alongside my previous mobiles (e.g. HTC Wizard, HTC Kaiser, TMobile Pulse) I've enjoyed upgrading and flashing ROMs since day one, the last one been ParanoidJelly (thanks C3CO), but I'm not sure what to do if I do decide to sell it, i.e. as it was Orange branded, should I install a stock Orange ROM (with the associated bloat) or should I install an older ROM which is fully functional (i.e. with camera flash) but not branded/bloated, if so which would be recommended? also do I need to do anything different to downgrade to an older ROM? or should I leave it with ParanoidJelly and state the pros & cons or should I forget about the hassle of trying to sell it and just add it to the growing collection of obsolete gadgets/tech!!! Thanks :)
  4. Do you use Titanium Backup? I've encountered problems when using it to restore some apps, i.e.with push notifications not working in a couple of different ROMs, re-installing them from Play store seemed to sort it.
  5. OK, I think I have identified a scenario which seems to make this issue happen, i.e. if I leave the phone to charge up to 100% (usually overnight) and then keep it plugged in to the mains while using it, it happens, if I then disconnect it from the mains so it is only on the battery after a short time it stops happening! I'm keeping the "Show touches" option set in the Developer options as it makes it easier to spot when it happens (and disconnecting from the mains when using it first thing in the morning). I'm pretty sure it isn't related to this ROM, just a coincidence, has anyone else encountered this issue on this or any other ROM?
  6. OK, so I just refresh my memory on running a Log cat, find ADB on my laptop set it running and try to re-create the fault, and it decides not to do it any more!!! One strange thing that did happen was when I clicked on a widget and moved it onto the screen I managed to get it to cover an existing one! strange but unrelated I'm sure. Anyway thanks for the offer of assistance, when it happens again I'll try and get a log cat (if I'm near my laptop), but I still have the feeling of impending doom! :unsure:
  7. Hi all, and a big thankyou to tilal for another great ROM which I have just installed and currently trying out. Over the past few weeks I've been bouncing between CFX2 and PA as I seem to have been suffering severe slow downs (i.e. cpu maxed out at 100% for extended periods of time), I think it is probably down to a combination of the apps installed and using Link2SD, I usually sorted it by doing a clean install and not re-installing everything. Anyway over the last couple of days my screen seems to be failing as it doesn't seem to detect exactly where I am pressing, I have switched on the option to "Show touches" in developer options and if I hold one finger on the screen the detected point jumps all over the screen, which makes it really frustrating when trying to do anything like move icons & re-size widgets etc. Is there anything else that can be done from within the ROM to check/re-calibrate the screen or is it a sign of impending failure? Thanks to tilal I have kept this phone for over a year now, but if it is about to expire I guess I will have to buy something else, so I'd appreciate any suggestions around my usual budget, i.e. £100 +/- £20
  8. Following a clean install I had an issue synching my calendars with the upated GAPPS, as a quick fix while waiting for an updated GAPPS when tilal gets chance :) I did the following boot into recovery flash the previous version of GAPPS without rebooting flash the new version of GAPPS reboot and you should see only 4 new apps install (everything else should remain as it was) check your relevant app (I use agenda widget) and the calendars should now be available for synching I'm not sure which other apps are installed,perhaps tilal can advise what else was stripped out compared to his last version :)
  9. I use swiftkey with this rom and don't get anything in the notification bar.
  10. Thanks tilal, currently downloading and will give it a go :)
  11. Yes, I seem to be having an issue mounting USB, i.e. it doesn't seem to do anything! I haven't had chance to have a full check into it though.
  12. Yes, I get that and had it on other ROMs, I can't remember which though. It would be nice to know whats wrong and fix it, but as it stands it's no major issue for me and won't stop me using this ROM.
  13. eddev

    My Phone Number unknown

    Hi I get that as well, but if you dial *#100# you will get your number in a popup box.
  14. eddev

    My Phone Number unknown

    Hi I get that as well, but if you dial *#100# you will get your number in a popup box.
  15. I've re-flashed AOKPFusionX followed by the S3 kernel by c3c0 and can confirm that the Wifi issue is fixed :)

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