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  1. I don't know any registry tweaks, but in Yonn's ROMS it had its own settings and can be turned off. You can try and turn on this option - Start->Settings->Personal->Vibration->Disable vibration for touch screen. If that doesn't help, try asking in Steff's thread. He was the only chef left here by the time I was visiting more frequently.
  2. In the registry navigate to HKLM\\Software\HTC\CommManager\3\ and change the Execute value to \Windows\CMBluetooth.exe
  3. Here you go. Radd_iPhoneToday_PlugIn___M2DTP_0.3.3.cab
  4. To change the Start Menu icons you can also use JWMD Icon Changer.
  5. You can try this one, but it's not from Yonn. It's from OCK's ROMS.
  6. 1. The Samsung keyboard doesn't have Cyrillic support. 2. I think a Hard Reset may fix this. Just don't touch the phone after the reset and when it starts installing stuff when the phone is started for the first time. It will restart after the installation and you can start using the phone. Edit: Sorry Steff. My answer is 1 minute late. :D I don't know if I can delete my post.
  7. See this tutorial, but be careful and read everything, because if you don't flash it right, you will brick the phone and the repair afterwards is expensive. Good luck Edit: Forgot to mention that the tutorial is only for Windows 7. If you are using XP, then the procedure is much simpler - see here.
  8. I think that this service is shut down. I can't update it for some months now. The last time I updated it was November I think. After that it started with the No weather data available and still going on so I don't think it will be fixed any time soon.
  9. Try this: Start -> Settings -> Sounds & Notifications -> Notifications -> Event -> Messaging: New text message -> Uncheck "Display message on screen"
  10. It's maybe a small error, but could you fix the name of the link pointing to the "Nprmal" version? ^_^
  11. Sorry, but I can't think of anything else that may help...
  12. Maybe you need to wait longer. In another forum someone said that he has seen phones that need 15 minutes to connect for the first time.
  13. Today it cloudy and started to rain, but the GPS connected under a minute. However, I've had days when it was sunny and it took over 5 minutes so I think it depends on many things. If it can't connect after the downloaded data, then I don't know any other way to help.
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