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  1. Thanks neouranus for your info, it works, I flashed it with I8KHTGYJH2LD.csc, and able to browse website displaying chinese characters. But the input keyboard is in one of the Taiwan input method, which i don't know how to use it, instead, i downloaded another keyboard which can support HanYuPinYin. Now everything is in place. =)
  2. Hope it's not too late, here you go... Password : samfirmware.com Eboot_I8000NXXJI1_HW_40.rar
  3. Thanks MS team for the ROM, I had the "JI1 6.5.3 Lite" flashed to my Omnia 2. But i have one issue here, how to enable this ROM to decode chinese character? The Chinese SMS which i had received is in blocked characters. And how do I have Chinese PinYin keyboard installed, any solutions? In short, i will need to decode chinese and able to type chinese characters. Appreciate if anyone can provide the solution. Thanks.
  4. Does it only work on Froyo 2.2? I'm having Singapore stock ROM JG4 - Eclair 2.1, after installing da Voodo 2 lagfix, doesn't seem to get smoother....Did i miss out sth? =(
  5. Weird....For me, no matter if its "Test Mode On" or "Off", it still goes to JM1, mayb da Samsung server took off the JPC. so wats da diff between JM1 and JPC? Both Froyo 2.2?
  6. ops, wat happened to the link? Error - "The uploader has removed this file from the server."
  7. yup, me too... combination as below: PDA: NXXJA1 CSC: XSOIJ2 Phone: XXJA1 :)
  8. Appreciate your hard work and sharing. HTC TF3D Sense 2.5 (software) + Omnia 2 (hardware), isn't it great? More options to customize your Omnia2. Great! Can't wait to get my hands on it...
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