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  1. Hi, I'm interested. Any chance you have some photos of it? Thanks Simon
  2. ADB working fine for me too, except today on n36 couple of random reboots while connected... Anyway, did you manage to get file explorer working on your eclipse? I found something that said I need to replace ls up get it to display, but no idea how or what to replace it with... Simon
  3. +1 :D was having issue with N21 yesterday though. "Always use proximity" ticked +"In-Call Touch UI" unticked.
  4. So i found what i thought was an easier way of solving the caller display problem it meant i didn't have to reflash, though it did reset my contacts to the google synced ones and lost call log... adb shell rm /data/data/com.android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts2.db abd push ContactProvider.apk system/app adb reboot once your contacts sync back to google all is well! Simon
  5. Reflash sounds a bit drastic. Can't you just adb rm the launcherpro apk, then when you hit home it'll go to standard launcher?
  6. Thanks for the translation, takes a while to lose the windows mobile mindset :rolleyes: S
  7. When you say rejected do you mean it doesn't pair or it won't show as a keyboard? The SU-8W paired but I still needed the driver to be able to use it... S
  8. I'm using a Nokia SU8W BT keyboard with 'Bluekeyboard JP' from the market Works like a charm. Built in cradle pretty good too. S
  9. Sorry to have to ask for it spelt out... I found build.prop in /system on my phone. If I change this then reboot does it turn off hardware acceleration? Thanks
  10. I had problems picking up as well, best suggestion is test it next to another phone. i found that my HTC hero picked up networks where the SF found none. swapped the SF for a new one at the Orange shop yesterday and the new one picks up perfectly. Harrow Shop had stock yesterday BTW :lol:
  11. That's reassuring :lol: i love this phone other than the WiFi issue... i'll try to get the handset swapped tomorrow BTW I'm using RebelSim and 3uk PAYG, not got the APN's set up but Calls and texts working no probs
  12. Can anyone help me with comparisons on WiFi? attached are (Bad Quality) shots of my SF & Hero next to each other. as you can see Hero picks up the WiFi network no problem and SF doesn't find it at all... is it just my handset or a general problem? Thanks (BTW not sure i've done this right, still a noob :lol: )
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