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  1. Whoa, It's back from the grave. good day.
  2. 2 omnia batteries. The difference is clearly evident. Photo taken with my Galaxy S Fascinate. good day.
  3. Well I lied and after learning the vzw would not be giving wp7 the time of day until q2 or 3 of 2011. Plus I always stopped in the vz store to check out each new device when they came out htc, moto, samsung whether it was android or winmo. But I always left the store with the feeling of meh. I voted on your poll for the galaxy s before it came out in the states based on videos of the i9000. Stopped in the store about 2 weeks after the release of the fascinate (vzw version of the galaxy) and I drooled and constantly thought about it for 2 days. But I did pull the trigger and after 3 weeks with this thing I could not be any happier. Very slick device. What was a wake up call was powering on the old omnia last night to pull some pictures from the internal storage. And instantly I said to myself I can not believe how archaic it was and I feel so glad to be out of 2008. There is not one thing I miss about winmo at ALL. I wish the best of luck to M$ and hope they don't F their new thing up. Glad I got into android when I did. Took about a week of reading about the new android lingo. But I am now rooted, clock worked, superuser-ed, titanium-ed, and voodooed with a fast mega multitasking device that actually works. When froyo hits I'll be downloading roms from 3g and flashing right from the sd card while driving with no need for a computer. Android is sweet. That's my story. good day.
  4. Edit this registry string and no more increasing ring HKCU\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring\AttenuationCategory change to 1 Now loud on first ring. good day.
  5. With battery in device plugged into charger = red led Charging device and pulling battery = shut down and no led Plugging device into charger with no battery = Nothing good day.
  6. That sounds about right. It always was a little off but yet a bubble level app will maintain calibration but games would be off a little. And I bet it has something to do with the htcemu thingy. good day.
  7. Awesome guys.... Do keep us posted on how the new devices are doing for you. Jealous of your new toys. good day. I wonder if we can get OP to just rename the thread to "official goodbye thread".... hint hint
  8. Nah, Just funnin'... @blade87 thanks for the device. My kitchen table is finally level again. You know, I could never even figure out why the hell they would put that useless zoom function on the device. Has anyone even found a purpose for it or actually use it? good day.
  9. Any device exposed to water should have the battery IMMEDIATELY pulled. Device should next be disassembled. The hard part is not to power on device for 3 days. Two methods I've seen. Put pieces in a bowl of uncooked rice and also covered with rice with lid on. For 3 days rice will draw moisture out. Or place disassembled device in small room with space heater (don't put device in front of it) with thermostat set to maintain a very dry 78-80 degrees to allow adequate drying time 3 days again. This worked with an old moto razr that fell out of pocket into a puddle. All it takes is one little speck of moisture to cross 2 legs of an integrated circuit (which are about 4 times the size of a human hair) under power to cause unrepairable damage. good luck Edit: Obviously use of a space heater would require you to follow guidelines of operation manual including all safety recommendations. good day.
  10. This would been news in 2008. Anywho.... Benefits for me to use 3rd party app. 1. Button mapping. (not just vol down) 2. Ability to use whenever I want with any app open or on any screen. (not just today screen) 3. Stock flashlight does not work with WAD open. I'll have PocketHal (note taking app) open and short press menu button to turn light on. Comes in handy getting a part number off of something using light and writing it down. good day.
  11. Was there any sort of pop or weird smell associated with plugging device into charger? Along time ago I bought a cheap Wallgreens charger and had nothing but problems. Though it pains me to give so much money to vzw for theirs but not one of them has failed. I either loose them or break them myself. good day.
  12. Your post sounds like the "The death of my i760 after getting that stupid samsung cradle charger". But I could never pin it on the charger. I suspected that keeping the phone in my shorts pocket while working and sweating subjected my i760 to a high moisture environment. So charger/humidity? I don't know. But it is uncanny the details you describe, I lived. I notice you don't mention attempting a hard reset. Did it on mine. And I transfered contacts via active sync and started to put phone back the way it was and 20 minutes in it freaked again. Repeated last sentence with same results. And 3rd reset remains on VZW screen R.I.P.... You might get a little life with a reset. And retrieve pics. I feel for you. good day.
  13. It's also best not to hold device as it is getting a lock. Just set it on a table and give it about 45sec. and watch status. good day.
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