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  1. fexpop

    16 Mio colors? No! Specs vs. reality pt. 1

    Does the new firmware solve any of my primary issues? Modem functionality (advertised by o2 Germany) Bluetooth data transfer (advertised by o2 Germany) 16 million colors (advertised by Samsung and o2 Germany) These are the reasons for my returning the phone. Speed has not been an issue.
  2. fexpop

    16 Mio colors? No! Specs vs. reality pt. 1

    No, I'm not sure at all. On the contrary, I'm only sure that *nothing* is sure with respect to the Galaxy. In Germany, meanwhile o2 has changed the specs to reflect the missing of previously advertised features (modem/tethering, Bluetooth data transfer). I've completely lost my faith in the future perspective of the Samsung Galaxy. I'm expecting halfhearted patches and denial of bugs. BTW, don't expect multitouch to come to the Samsung Galaxy anytime. I don't expect Samsung to go for Android 2.0 on the Galaxy and there is no Open Source multitouch driver for the Melfas touchscreen they use. I'm personally going to withdraw my contract tomorrow, and get a HTC Hero. For the flickering problem. I can't tell you, I don't see any flickering on mine. My display actually looks quite good, it just hasn't the 16 mio. colors that they advertised. The battery life doesn't seem to be any worse than you could expect on an Android device. It's really not that bad, if you keep it out of the cover that comes with it: The cover seems to push the camera button so that the device would not go into sleep mode. Kind regards, Felix
  3. fexpop

    16 Mio colors? No! Specs vs. reality pt. 1

    Yes, it is! End of August is expected. Presumably when the Galaxy starts in the UK btw. I'm not quite sure, but I don't think so. Both firmware versions are just different shades of bad! But I for one wouldn't want the old firmware back. After some time, the battery really does seem to last longer now. It's solved! Apperently by Google. It doesn't seem to be directly related to the firmware, but to a misconfigured filter in the market server. Kind regards, Felix
  4. Hi, I'm from Germany and don't know about the Galaxy's advertised specs in the UK. So while the folllowing holds true in Germany you have to decide about it's relevance in other countries. In Germany the Galaxy is advertised as displaying a color range of 16 million colors, i.e. 24bpp color depth. To the best of my knowledge, this is not true! $ cat /sys/devices/virtual/graphics/fb0/bits_per_pixel 16 I've put a small programm "Galaxy Lie Detector" on the german www.android-hilfe.de forum , which should display all 256 shades of red, green, and blue which are possible on a 16 mio. color display together with a RGB_565 (16bit color depth) version. As you can clearly see, the 24bit and 16bit versions of the gradients don't differ and there's very obvious banding. That is: The Galaxy is only capable of displaying 65536 colors (at the moment???) Samsung keep perfectly quiet about this after inquieries. Nobodoy, but hem, knows if this is going to be fixed in future Firmware versions. After all, even if the display isn't any better on the Hero, I'd prefer not being ripped-off. Kind regards, Felix P.S. : The attached scrennshot is directly from my Galaxy. As an interesting side not: Look how the banding of the green gradient differs from the red and blue ones. It's because on the 16bit RGB_565 color space, green has a 6bit color depth while the others are only 5bit.

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